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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight (Windows)

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Credits


ArtJason Waskey, Aaron O'Bryan-Herriot (credited as Aaron O’Bryan-Herriott), Adrian Woods, Andrew Osarczuk (Art Source), Big Sesh Studios, Chris Banks (S&T Onsite), Corey Keller, David Adams (credited as Dave Adams), Dave Han (S&T Onsite), Donnovan Webb (S&T Onsite), Jessica Lowe (Art Source), Jill Cammarano, John W. Smith (credited as John Smith), Ken Studebaker (Art Source), Kevin Boisen, Kevin Occhiuto (Art Source), Peter Zahn, Rick Hudson, Ryan Greene (S&T Onsite), Zygote Media Group
Business DevelopmentBruce Williams, Scott Andersen
DevelopmentVictor Santodomingo, Aaron Dubin, Adam Szofran, Alexander Martynov, Breen Hagan, Bretton Wade, David Denhart (credited as Dave Denhart), Gene Vaatveit, Igor A. Braginskiy, Jason Dent, Jim Scott, Joe Stacy, John Kane (Siemens Business Services Inc), Kerim Erden (Siemens Business Services Inc), Lyndon Kidwell (Siemens Business Services Inc), Mike Schroeter, Niniane Wang, Rafael Cintron, Steve Lacey, Steve Setzler, Tim Hoar, Todd Laney, Tom Powers (Volt Services Group)
Geographic DataJan Zukin Neutz (credited as Jan Zukin-Neutz), Bill Chism (S&T Onsite), Colleen Caffrey (S&T Onsite), Julia Roberts (S&T Onsite), Kevin Marzec (Aditi), Michael Taylor (S&T Onsite), Nathan Foley (S&T Onsite), Ryan Otto (S&T Onsite), Tom Edwards (Geopolitical Strategist), Yehong Zhong (S&T Onsite)
LocalizationYasmine Nelson, Victoria Medlock, Atsushi Miyake, Bernard Morgan, Chae Seong Lim, Christopher Cowen (Litho), David Foster, Ian Walsh, Jason Shirley, Ji-Young Kim, Jonathon Young, Kaoru Ito, Kazuyuki Shibuya, Michael J. Maguire, Min Woo Lee, Munetaka Fuse, Phoenix Chang (Adia), Sachiko Nagasawa, Sang Kyu Rhee, Souichiro Shimano (ManPower), Takayoshi Asahina, Takayuki Tsuchiya, Whi Young Yoon, Won Kyoung Kim, Yoon Hee Jung, Yoshitomo Tomatsu (Japan Convention Service), Yuko Yoshida, Yutaka Hasegawa
SoundBarry Dowsett (Weird Music)
TestBrent Conklin, Caleb Cha, Chris Robinson (Volt Services Group), Dave Paul Collins (Volt Services Group), Dustin Stroh (Volt Services Group), Greg Swanson, Hal Bryan, In Taek Song, Jason Mangold, Jason Wohlfeil (Volt Services Group), Jeff Felker (Volt Services Group), John Hansen, Jon Bach (Volt Services Group), Jon Stanley, Karie Daniel, Khoi Duong (Volt Services Group), Leann Coker (Volt Services Group), Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi, Michelle Schultz-Schroud, Michael Lambert (credited as Mike Lambert), Nicholas Sardo (Volt Services Group), Norah Hogoboom (Solutions IQ), Patrick Ascolese, Patrick Barker, Roy McMillion, Ryan Malgren (Volt Services Group), Scott Grant, Shih-Chieh Lu (Volt Services Group), Steve Alliston, Steve Wilson, T. J. Duez (credited as TJ Duez), Tom McDowell, Tony Bradley, Will Allen (Solutions IQ), Yaqub Bandey (Volt Services Group)
PackagingDuane Colbert, Lisa Krost
Print DesignJeannie Voirin, Ginny Baldwin (ArtSource)
Product ManagementDarryl K. Saunders (credited as Darryl Saunders), Leslie McBride
Product SupportAnthony Walp
Program ManagementKen Lavering, Mike Gilbert, Kevin Griffin, Paul Lange (Solutions IQ)
User ExperienceMarty Blaker, Anita Crotty (Volt Services Group), Brian Hunt, Byron Ricks (Volt Services Group), Kerby Kuykendall (The WebForge), Michael Singer (credited as Mike Singer), Tyler Mays (Volt Services Group)
User Test (Usability)Tom Lorusso, Bill Fulton, Boyd Morrison
ABL Development (Lessons)Advent Aviation Software
Aircraft ConsultationAircraft Owners and Pilots Association[AOPA; Frederick MD], Al Blake, The Boeing Company[Seattle; WA], Bombardier Aerospace Flight Operations[Business Aircraft; Commercial Aircraft and de Havilland aircraft divisions; Wichita KS], Cessna Aircraft Company[Wichita and Independence; KS], Classic Helicopters[Seattle; WA], Experimental Aircraft Association[EAA; Oshkosh; WI], FlightSafety Boeing[Seattle; WA], FlightSafety International[Cessna Caravan training division; Wichita; KS], Galvin Flying Service[Seattle; WA], Jeppesen Sanderson[Englewood; CO], John Lanoue, Kenmore Air Harbor[S60; Kenmore; WA], Peter McMillan, Raytheon Aircraft Company[Wichita; KS], Seaplane Pilots Association[Lakeland; FL], Systems Management Inc.[Hunt Valley; MD]
ATC VoicesBarry Dowsett, Brian Hunt, Caitlin Sullivan, Christine Hill, Hal Bryan, Kathy Osborne, Kevin Boisen, Kevin Griffin, Michael Singer (credited as Mike Singer), Michael Zyskowski
Flight Instruction ConsultationRod Machado (ATP; CFII Author; humorist and educator;and AOPA National CFI Spokesman)
Meteorological ConsultationJeff Renner, Keith Brown, Michael Witiw, Miriam Rorig
Place Name Pronunciations for ATC AudioMicrosoft employees and Microsoft friends[Many thanks to those who helped us with place names], Ali Basit, Andrew Fomichev, David Orban, Devrim Okurgan, Herry Sutanto, Humberto Castañeda, Jaroslav Dunajsky, Jiyoung Lee, Kresimir Bozic, Lars Nielsen, Marion Kremer, Paula Barreto de Mattos, Paulo De Oliveira, Taso Lagos, Yasmine Nelson
Special ThanksBill Turner, Dan Smith, Elden Lange, Fantasy of Flight, Flight Simulator 2004 Beta Testers, Gary Allen, George Daubner, George Kirkish, Hal Bryan (credited as H. D. Bryan), Hal Small, Harvey Airfield, Jesse Douthit, James Armstrong, Kermit Weeks, Kevin Panter, Marty Kimbrell, Michael Narayan, Mike Abrash (RAD Game Tools), Mike Sartain (RAD Game Tools), Mike Kimbrell, Robin Reid, Ronald R. Paine, Sean Elliot, Skeeter Carlson, Steve Barton, Tom Wathen, Una Watts, Wayne Welch, the Griffin Family[for the “3 Point Landing” video - filmed at Cabin Creek; ID]
Video Production: King Schools, Inc.Martha King (credited as Martha R. King), John King (credited as John V. King), David Jackson, Ken Terry, Dan Wagner, Travis Daniels

Management Team

Vice President of Game PublishingEd Fries
PC Games General ManagerStuart Moulder
ACES Product Unit ManagerShawn Firminger
ACES Business Development ManagerMike Geertsen
ACES Group Program ManagerCharlie Peterson
ACES Development ManagerCarl Edlund
ACES Art DirectorRick Welsh
ACES Test ManagerMichelle Schultz-Schroud
ACES Group AssistantAmy Wagner, Natalie French
Group User Experience ManagerMatthew Whiting

Additional Credits

VFR aeronautical charts published byU.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration National Aeronautical Charting Office
Generic terrain images provided byAeromap U.S.A., Eurosense Belfotop N.V., The Geoinformation Group, Intrasearch Inc, Japan Geographical Survey Institute, National Aerial Resources, Walker and Associates
Custom airport and city images provided byAeromap U.S.A., Eurosense Belfotop N.V., The Geoinformation Group, Intrasearch Inc, Japan Geographical Survey Institute, Space Imaging Inc.
Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) provided byLand Info International[LLC], WorldSat International Inc
Parts of the generic terrain textures are created using patterns extracted from images taken by Japan Geographical Survey Institute
Video recording and production services provided byKing Schools Inc
Collaborative writing Rod Machado
Ground School artwork provided byRod Machado
Photo SourcesAircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Air Force Historical Research Agency, Corbis, Hulton Archive/Getty Images, King Schools, Rod Machado, Minnesota Historical Society/CORBIS, Museum of Flight/CORBIS, Paul A. Souders (CORBIS), The collection of Craig Morris[the postcard.com/craig], Tecmap Corporation/Eric Curry/CORBIS, Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS.

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