Written by  :  A.A. Fussy (129)
Written on  :  Aug 13, 2003
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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The most amazing Flight Simulator release

The Good

My installation of FS2004 was quick and during the install, there was time to install Adobe Reader 6.0,DX 9.0a,WMP9. Quite easy to install-fewer steps in the install process. Starting Flight Simulator 2004 was quite speedy, and when the main screen opens, I chose the what's new video-John and Martha King are funny, and they explain the new features in simple language. The historical flights are steady paced, some can take many hours to complete,while the modern flights can be a challenge,plus the new kiosk flights are a quite amazing demostration of the new kiosk mode. First, the historical aircraft-such as the Wright Flyer are quite superb in flight dyamnics, and in detail. The modern aircraft-eg. C208 Grand Caravan, is one of the most easy plane to takeoff and land and flys quite well. The King Air and the Anniveresery variation of the Learjet is my favourite aeroplanes -as it very close to a Cessna bizjet as you can get, even though it's not by Cessna-fast and they are great for long-haul flights. The new Word Travel livery is nice. The Mooney Bravo is a superfast aeroplane, great to pilot. And also one livery is quite similar to Virgin/Virgin Blue livery.The interactive virtual cockipt is quite nice on some aircraft, but the DC-3 one could be easier to seee. The Boeing aircraft are quite nice-all the modern airplanes have quite effective flights dyamnics and easy to takeoff or land. FS2004 graphics are so amazing in detail, even with Intel Extreme Graphics, they are great with the improved Auto-gen and ground textures are quite spectacular. The weather themes are magnificent and a quite good challenge for flying,and the new weather system makes the FS sky vibrant and dyamnic. Also, you can choose to select a option that updates the real world weather every 15 minutes. The ATC is greatly improved-with many new options and the Garmin GPS is a cinch to use-eaiser than the FS2002 GPS

The Bad

Nothing-it was all enjoyable. But I'd would like to see the historical flights could be organised better, and a flight management computer for aeroplanes in Flight Simulator added to a future version

The Bottom Line

Overall-a amazing version of FS, it is highly recommended for anyone interested in piloting a veriety of aircraft on their PC and for first time PC pilots this game is ideal purchase.