Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The opening screen.
The lesson selection screen.
The flights screen lets you load a pre-saved flight situation.
Entertainment screen - a set of challenging flight situations.
The Cessna at Meigs Field - a familiar sight!
Meigs and Chicago from above - scenery complexity set to maximum
Aircraft selection screen. The Boeing 737 and Extra 300S are new in this release.
Flying the Extra 300S above San Fransisco.
Outside view of the Extra 300S above San Fran.
The Boeing 737 cockpit above Oakland at dusk.
The Boeing 737 cockpit illuminated at night.
Outside view of the Boeing 737 above Oakland.
The airport selection screen.
The weather settings screen.
Buzzing Paris in the LearJet 35A.
The LearJet 35A cockpit at night.