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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall MobyScore (3 votes) 4.0

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UOL Jogos
Em linhas gerais, "Flight Simulator X" é a evolução da série pela qual todos esperavam. Mais democrático e acessível, representa a ocasião perfeita para aqueles que nunca jogaram uma versão da série, conhecerem-na. Boa parte disso se deve ao sistema de missões, mas com um estilo "fácil de jogar, mas difícil de dominar", o game instiga qualquer um chegado a um bom desafio.
Gaming Nexus
It’s somewhat impressive and quite gratifying that even after more than twenty years of development, Microsoft is still finding ways to push the envelope with their Flight Simulator. Flight Simulator X has something new to benefit every sim pilot, whether it be a complete neophyte that will use it to begin the long path to understanding all of the arcane details of aviation or the seasoned professional looking for a broader exposure to other facets of flying. As both a long-time user of Microsoft Flight Sim (my first version was the SubLogic Flight Sim for the TRS-80) and a software developer, it amazes me how much capability has been built into a title that carries a suggested retail price of $69, which is less than the cost of a single hour of flying in a simple plane like a Cessna 172.
Yahoo! Games
Scoring FSX, in traditional game terms, is pretty much a waste of time. There's little for players to achieve here beyond relaxation, no real progression other than your own improving skill, and little payoff beyond the satisfaction of a smooth, safe landing. In a market that's crowded with guns, over-the-top graphical effects and heart-pounding action, FSX serves more to educate and amuse than arouse and enrage, and it does so in real style. It's a stunning achievement.
Flight Simulator X assoit encore un peu plus sa position dominante dans le milieu de la simulation aérienne. Certes, les pilotes chevronnés lui reprocheront des modèles de vols approximatifs sur les gros jets, mais ils pourront toujours se tourner vers des add-on pour remédier à ce petit défaut. De son côté, la réalisation est au top et la durée de vie est réellement impressionnante grâce à l'apport de la cinquantaine de missions pour lesquelles on a toujours envie de décrocher toutes les récompenses. Pour sa part, le mode multijoueur est très bien fait et vous permettra de communiquer vocalement avec le contrôleur aérien (que vous pouvez même incarner si vous possédez l'édition professionnelle du jeu) et de partager les commandes de votre appareil avec un ami, un inconnu ou pourquoi pas un véritable instructeur.
FSX är sannerligen inte ett spel för alla. Petiga hävdar att det inte är ett spel alls, utan fullvuxen simulation. Hursomhelst, realisminställningarna låter också måttligt beflugna testa sina vingar, utan krav på djupgående förkunskap. Den utmärkta uppdragsdelen underlättar också den flygandet, och därtill skänker den ytterligare underhållningsvärde till en redan fullfjädrad upplevelse. Redan i nuvarande skick är detta utmärkt underhållning och utbildning, och det blir riktigt intressant att testa med DirectX 10/Windows Vista vad det lider. Fast egentligen behövs de redan nu, tillsammans med morgondagens hårdvara. Ändå - ett givet köp för alla flygälskare.
Worth Playing
A great deal of us would love to be able to fly a plane; I myself would love to get my license in the future. For now though, we'll have to make do with flight simulators and friends with planes. Microsoft has been providing high-quality flight simulation for over 25 years, so they are, and continue to be, the leader in the market. With Microsoft Flight Simulator X, they've once again impressed me, for the most part; the low framerates and failure to support modern mice isn't enough to turn me off of it. If you have any interest in flying or you are already a pilot and want to cater to your hobby on day when flying just isn't advisable, then I highly recommend this title.
GameStar (Germany)
Es war zu befürchten, dass der Flight Simulator X meine Hardware auf eine harte Probe stellen wird. Jetzt frage ich mich allerdings: Warum? Weder die matschigen Texturen, noch die enttäuschend detailarmen deutschen Städte rechtfertigen diesen Hardware-Appetit. Trotz 3D-Wolken, realistisch simulierter Wetterbedingungen und erfreulich lebendiger Spielwelt: Grafisch enttäuscht mich Microsofts Flugshow. Das war's dann aber auch schon mit der Schelte, denn ansonsten macht der Flight Simulator fast alles richtig: Die spannenden Missionen erlauben endlich auch Neulingen den kinderleichten Einstieg in die Welt des Fliegens. Und Profis haben an den späteren Herausforderungen richtig schön zu knabbern. Und selbst nach dem erfolgreichen Absolvieren aller Einsätze motivieren das realistischen Flugmodell und der Riesenumfang bis zum nächsten Flight Simulator und dem nächsten Hardware-Schock. Ein Pflichtprogramm für jeden Freizeitpiloten und alle, die es werden wollen.
Are the visuals truly worth it to bleed thousands of dollars to build a system that'll properly showcase FSX in all of its glory? Well, that's up in the air, but most of us will have to settle with a decent portrayal of visuals for the sake of the massive amounts of content in the game. I've read plenty of reports where people had 2 gigs of RAM and 7800 cards, and the fps were just fairly decent. But for the veterans and especially the newbies, missing out on a Flight Simulator this good means you should never get your pilot wings in the first place.
The one and only Flight Simulator is back. This 10th edition gets you up in the air in no time if you're a beginner, and caters to hungry aviation aficionados with a long list of various improvements. A good looking, fun and challenging game for all ages. Interest in aviation is mandatory.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Als deze Flight Simulator X niet struikelt over de hoge systeemeisen (of gedwongen teruggeschroefde grafische weergave op minder krachtige configuraties), dan zou dit best wel eens de aflevering kunnen worden waarmee het buiten zijn hardcorefanbasis treedt. Meeslepende missies en een toegankelijker online multiplayerluik halen de drempel gevoelig omlaag terwijl de ervaring van de ernstige flightsimmer op geen enkel vlak gecompromitteerd wordt, integendeel.
When it all comes down to it, this isn’t a game, it really is asimulator. With the details in the cockpit (yes, you check yourgauges), to the outside of the plane, they have this flying thing down.With all of the airports in this game, they have the landing thingdown.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Net als de vorige keer weinig gameplay vernieuwingen, maar het blijft wel een dijk van een flightsim met prachtige graphics.
PC Action
Ihre Aufgaben: Stars abholen, Bohrinselbesatzung retten oder dem Red-Bull-Air-Race-Team beitreten. Vom Anfänger bis zum Flugprofi ist jeder gefordert. Keine Lust auf Missionen? Dann schnappen Sie sich ein Flugzeug und gehen ins freie Spiel. Hier bestimmen Sie das Wetter und anderen Schnickschnack. Grafisch ist das Spiel beeindruckend, lediglich bei niedriger Flughöhe fallen - außerhalb von Großstädten - Texturpatzer auf. Neben der normalen Version gibt es die Professional Edition, die mehr Flugzeuge, Flugplätze, Mehrspieler-Optionen sowie mehr und detailliertere Städte bietet. Flugzeugfreunde mit dickem Rechner greifen ohne Reue zur teureren Version.
It’s hard to score a title like Flight Simulator for a gaming site because it’s not really a game. Luckily Microsoft made things a little easier for me by adding great new features like missions and multiplayer that give the simulator a more game like feel. If you’re part of Flight Simulator’s target audience (private pilots, aviation enthusiasts, etc.) than this a no-brainer just like every other version was. For everyone else, try out the demo. If you get bored about 10 minutes after take off then it’s not for you.
Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an incredible piece of software, providing almost unbelievable capabilities for a consumer product. Unfortunately, on most systems at anything other than the lowest of the game's graphics settings, the simulation has significant performance issues. How much these issues hinder your enjoyment of the game will depend upon what kind of frame rates you need to enjoy a civilian flight sim.
There is a very detailed simulation in here, with many flight hours of fun and missions for people to complete. Add on the multiplayer options, and this sim has legs. The graphics issues really mean that it will take some work before you are completely happy with your settings. The game is decently stable out of the box and you will just need to spend the time tweaking your settings until you have found what works for your hardware. Good luck and safe trip!
Video Game Talk
Microsoft's latest effort, Flight Simulator X, will awe simulator fans and real pilots alike. Improved visuals, a wide array of missions, GPS, and real-life airports recreate the experience of flying like no game ever has. Whether you are trying to beat your best time in skill-based tests or just sputtering over your local street, you'll find yourself smiling from ear to ear. Another area that this game delivers is the replay value. You could use a different airport everyday and it would take over 50 years to see them all! While it does require a little getting used to, in return you'll get countless hours of fun soaring into the wild blue yonder.
G4 TV: X-Play
The first thought that comes to mind when playing this game is that the term “game” hardly applies here. Yes, this it is fun to play this…thing, but depending on your intent, this…thing is as much a tool as it is a toy. Flight Simulator X, like those before it, is about as serious a flight simulator as you can get, so realistic that damn near every pilot or flight student in the country with a computer has logged some hours in one of its predecessors. But, where earlier Flight Simulator iterations strongly favored experienced pilots and would-be’s, this version has a good blend of options to suit just about any gamer who is at least a little serious about flying.
FileFactory Games / Gameworld Network
Let’s look at what you get: 24 base aircraft (more if you count variations) 71 states and provinces, 223 countries and regions, 15,773 cities, 24,491 airports, the ability to be the Traffic Controller or share a cockpit with another real person (multiplayer only) and the unavoidable and time-consuming task of tweaking to find the right settings for your unique computer, settings that will produce a playable frame rate and acceptable eye candy at the same time. Is it worth it? As we say in Minnesota, “you betcha.” But understand that FSX is a simulator that can be appreciated fully only with tomorrow’s technology.
Eigentlich habe ich mich immer zu den überzeugten Anhängern des Microsoft Flight Simulator gezählt. Seit 1995 hat die Reihe einen Dauer-Platz auf meiner Festplatte reserviert. Aber mehr und mehr beschleicht mich das Gefühl, dass andere zivile Flugsimulationen den Platzhirsch überholt haben – allen voran X-Plane, das mit einem Bruchteil der Hardware-Anforderungen bessere Grafik und ein überzeugenderes Fluggefühl auf den Bildschirm bringt. Nichts gegen hohe Hardware-Anforderungen an sich: Aber wenn, dann möchte man auch etwas dafür bekommen. Ein Arbeitsspeicher-Upgrade und eine neue Grafikkarte für Matsch-Texturen, klobige 3D-Cockpits und ruckelige Endanflüge? Nicht mit meinem PC!
Gaming Age
I can honestly say I've never had more trouble getting a game to work on my PC than I did with Flight Simulator X. Don't consider this a bash, but man, this game is taxing on my hardware. After finally getting the settings to a point that made the game playable without looking like total crap, I actually found myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.
In the end whether or not you should buy FSX will greatly depend on the type of player you are. If you already have the 2004 edition of the game and you don’t find yourself craving more than what it is able to get you, then FSX probably isn’t quite worth it to you. If you’re new to the genre then you may as well start with FSX, though I probably wouldn’t shell out the dough for the deluxe edition since you wouldn’t know if it’s really your cup of tea or not. Finally, for the true flight simulator addicts, they’ll definitely want to get the deluxe edition of the game as it is probably about the only thing that would be able to sate their hunger for more unique flight experiences.
Auch der neue Flight Simulator ist wieder eine sehr gute Flugsimulation, die eh konkurrenzlos dasteht. Nein, halt das stimmt nicht ganz. Die Konkurrenz stammt aus dem eigenen Haus und heißt Flight Simulator 2004. Vor allem Profis, die bereits zahlreiche Addons dafür besitzen, sollten erstmal abwarten und in Ruhe beobachten, wie der FS X verbessert wird. Und wenn DirectX10 mal fertig ist, kann man den FS X immer noch kaufen. Ich packe ihn auf jeden Fall erstmal ins Regal und spiele weiter die alte Version. Im nächsten Frühjahr sehe ich dann weiter.
70 (UK)
So there you have it. FSX is the finest non-combat flight-sim money can buy assuming you've got the sort of cutting-edge system that can do it justice. If you haven't pimped your PC within the last twelve months then you might want to stick with FS9 for the moment, or, at the very least, get a feel for framerates via the demo before coughing-up cash.
Flight Simulator X offers more than 50 missions including cargo runs and rescue mission. There are 20 beginner missions (introduction to flight), 14 intermediate, 10 advanced and 7 expert missions. I took a spin on the stunt-flying mission. The mission challenges you to take off in a stunt flyer and fly through gates set up on a course. It sounded like fun, however my PC couldn't handle it. Once again the frame rate did a nosedive after it loaded. Though I must say there's a lot of unique challenges that will probably make the most seasoned armchair pilot sweat, provided you can get them running smoothly.
Seventeen years and six versions later, Microsoft Flight Simulator returns with an "X" (like Apple's current OS, it's pronounced "ten") and hoo-boy, what a couple decades will buy you! Like its incremental predecessors, the latest incarnation soups up the visuals, tricks out the world with vehicles on roads and animals in the wild, adds a few dozen ultradetailed airports with baggage carts and fuel trucks, slips in a few new missions and aircraft, and broadens its online networking feature set. What's more: It's a topographical content leviathan, shipping on two (that's right, two) DVDs. You thought that 14GB hard drive install requirement was a joke?
When all is said and done this is a product for a niche audience that has very particular demands that don't line up with average gamers. If you're looking to get into this niche, this is the game for you, and the community is certainly ready to welcome you with open arms. If you're just plane curious, perhaps you should try a game with more dog fights and less control tower chatter.