Microsoft International Soccer 2000 Credits


Executive ProducerTrevor Williams
DesignTony McCabe
ProgrammingTony McCabe, Tom Hammersley, Paul Kerby, Antonio Argentieri, Tim Austin
Initial ConceptAndrew G. Williams
Lead PC ProgrammingJohn Smedley
Audio ProgrammingJohn O’Dowd
Graphic ArtSteve Johnson, Lee Seabridge, Gordon Theobald, Richard Morrall
FMV DirectionSteve Johnson, Peter Gough
Music CompositionJohn O’Dowd
Team & Player EditorRob Mann
Data ResearchDean Bent, Chris Dolman, Jody Craddock, Stuart Williams, Scott Phillips
Commentary ScriptPaul Kerby, Dean Bent, Adrian Williams, Kevin Bruce, John O’Dowd
Rage QADean Bent, Jody Craddock, Lee Mather, Adrian Williams, Stuart Williams
Project AdministrationAndrew G. Williams, Julian Widdows, Scott Phillips
LocalisationTom McManamon, Suzanne Boylan, Cosmo Greco, Ron Malone, Roisin Cree, Gary Waters, Julian Duffy, Paul Kerby
Microsoft Program ManagerBonnie Ross-Ziegler
Microsoft Business PlannerNorman Cheuk
Microsoft Test LeadKevin Verboort
Microsoft TestMitch Bate, Bryan Sudderth, Mark Medlock
Microsoft SetupMelody Litovkin, Ryan Busche
Microsoft Art DirectorMary Jo Kovarik
DocumentationJulian Widdows, Alan Shen
Special ThanksDavid Percival, BBC Studios, Audiomotion Ltd, Red Vision Ltd, Regards II
Very Special Thanks toNeil Cartwright, Derek Dudley, Glenn Roeder, Jonathon Pearce, Ron Atkinson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luis Silva (13624)