Microsoft International Soccer 2000 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The game doesn't include real players, but it allows you to edit their names and looks.
You can create up to 7 custom teams.
Team selection for a friendly
Nice panoramic view of the stadium prior to kick off.
The teams coming out of the dressing room.
Corner for Argentina.
Throw-in for Argentina.
Dangerous free kick for England.
The ref books Argentina for a tackle.
At full time the man of the match is displayed.
Full time statistics... looks like I need to work on my finishing.
After my poor showing in the friendly, I decided to work on my finishing. In training you get helpful tips on how to play.
Once I felt more comfortable with my finishing, I decided to play some 6 a side in training... I scored 6 goals. I think I'm ready!
You can pick the way your players celebrate after scoring a goal.
You can move the camera around during replays for a better view of the action.
Regional standings after the first match
In the second leg, two of Australia's players are booked. Might be a good time for a sub.
Referee gives a penalty near the end.
New Zealand scores a last minute winner.
Australia wins the trophy despite the defeat.
Australia does a lap of honor as the credits roll.