Microsoft Train Simulator Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Acela Express awaiting passengers.
The cab of the Acela - all the switches at the bottom are controllable.
Looking out the window of the Flying Scotsman.
Being a passenger during a winter snowstorm.
The Flying Scotsman as it begins to gain speed.
The Flying Scotsman, idle and awaiting coal.
With built up momentum, the Flying Scotsman enters a tunnel.
A long passenger train as it slowly pulls away from the station, cautious of the slippery rails.
This is what happens when you take a turn too fast.
A freight train en route to pick up it's goods.
Just departing from the first stop.
A freighter who obviously doesn't know how to control a train.
Looking out the side; just like a real Flying Scotsman engineer.
Undergoing an electric train tutorial.
Helpful messages popup every now and then.
The inside of the passenger train. Not very nice, is it?
A nice, nighttime run along a commuter track.