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    Microsoft Windows 95

    Windows 95 is the easiest way to a 32-bit desktop with a reduced set of hardware requirements, comprehensive compatibility, and easy installation. Windows 95 makes everything you do on a PC easier, faster, and more fun - whether you use your computer to manage your company or your money, or to reach the next level in business or in Doom.

    Windows 95 also lets you set up a network, configure hardware, or uninstall programs automatically. You'll appreciate Windows 95 features like easy Internet access, multitasking, and long file names. And no worries about incompatibility: Windows 95 not only fully supports the latest, fastest productivity applications and the most exciting games and multimedia programs, it runs most Windows 3.x and MS-DOS® programs, too, protecting your current investment.

    • Get Work Done Easier and Faster - Windows 95 makes many of your everyday tasks easier - you don’t have to be a computer expert to accomplish your computing tasks much faster.

    • The Most Compatible Operating System - Windows 95 gives you the flexibility to use the latest 32-bit applications, as well as your existing applications. And, with Plug and Play, hardware is automatically detected and installed.

    • The Best Platform for Navigating the Web - Windows 95 comes with the Microsoft Internet Explorer Starter Kit which has everything you need to take full advantage of the wealth of information and communications capabilities of the Internet.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76613) on Sep 03, 2010.