Written by  :  J W (107)
Written on  :  Nov 22, 2010
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The more complete version of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

The Good

After finding the game Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, I was curious as to what other games Stellar Stone made. Along with a few other games, I found this one, Midnight Race Club:Supercharged! Now for the review.

Midnight Race Club is a game where you, well, race against an opponent in a one lap race. Instead of rigs, there are regular cars, trucks (not big rig trucks), and motorcycles. It's a generic, but decent concept, and I've seen worse.

Graphics are the same, so-so ones from Big Rigs, but the vehicles look better than the boxy trucks from the aforementioned game. The vehicles' taillights are a different story (see bad).

Sound effects are pretty much the same, along with a new one when you hit a building.

Something we take for granted in video games is collision detection. Big Rigs did not have any. The developers at Stellar Stone added some in this game.

Physics are somewhat corrected: you can't drive up a hill, but when your car finally slows to a stop, it doesn't roll back down. No longer do you have freedom to drive up vertical mountains and off the map.

There is also AI in the game, but the opponent car just follows a pre-programmed path to the finish line, and there are even more bad things about it (see bad).

The hilarious, but grammatically incorrect, "YOU'RE WINNER!" words have been changed to "YOU WIN!"

The Bad

Selecting the Nightride track, along with a few of the vehicles, causes the game to crash (and Stellar Stone did not release a patch to fix these, they probably were out of business soon after releasing this game, as it was their last).

When it came time to do the vehicles' taillights, the people working on the graphics had this wonderful idea: to reuse the same taillights from Big Rigs. This means the lights float INCHES away from the vehicles, which is hilarious looking, especially when driving a motorcycle.

As for the opponent, the AI is programmed to have him stop before the finish line, meaning you win every time.

The Bottom Line

Midnight Race Club is certainly not the best racing game I've played. Go ahead and find this game and give it a try, but you'll be playing a rather generic racing game that's not really special, besides being a "cousin" to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.