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    Korea, 1951.
    The enemy has jets, you have a propeller.

    Are you ready for the action flight sim of 1998?

    Set during the Korean War, MiG Alley is the next release from Rowan Software, creators of Flying Corps.

    MiG Alley is an interactive campaign-based flight simulation, with the option of instant action in mini campaigns, single historical missions and head-to-head play.

    Add to this the astounding graphics, stunning landscapes, accurate flight models, and the world's largest jet-to-jet dogfights and you have one the best games of next year on your hands.

    This page contains information and early development screens from the game.

    MIG Alley includes the world’s first and largest jet -to-jet dogfights, with over 50 aircraft in the sky at any one time. And you can fly any of the following aircraft, all with accurate flight models: F86 Sabre (the ultimate dogfighter), F84 Thunderjet (long range strike and escort jet), F80 Shooting Star (ground attack and fighter jet aircraft), P51 Mustang (classic WW2 propeller aircraft, serving as a ground attack aircraft), MiG 15 and MiG15 bis (the fighter that nearly drove the UN airforce from Korean skies). Other aircraft appearing in the game include the B29 Superfortress, Meteor, F9 Panther, A1 Skyraider, YAK piston- engined fighter and many others.

    The gamer starts off in a vintage WW2 vintage P51 Mustang eventually moving on to a F86 Sabre ‘MiG Killer’, or choose between a MiG or Sabre in the head-to-head modes.Just as in Flying Corps, the ground detail in MIG Alley is painstakingly taken from aerial photography and satellite spy cameras from the era. Ground information has been drawn from satellite photographs covering areas of 45 miles long by 2.5 miles across. There’s also a huge difference in terrain, with widely different colours in different parts of the peninsula and massive alterations in the ground altitude - there are mountains rising 9,000 feet. To give the Korean landscape justice, and because of the size of the peninsula and speed of the aircraft, a lot more information needs to be stored in the game.

    The core of MIG Alley is the campaign game, set in spring 1951; a period during which the ground war was still fluid and both sides could have won a battlefield victory. During this period the crack Russian MiG squadrons were introduced to the conflict. As a consequence the player finds himself under constant pressure from the start. As the commander of a group of UN Aircraft, your task will be to move the front line to the Chinese border and so win the war before the start of the peace talks. However, at the same time the North Korean’s and Chinese will be busy building up their forces and launching attacks aimed at driving the player from the Korean peninsula.

    The player has to plan his daily missions, maximising the strengths of the various aircraft whilst minimising their weaknesses. Select missions from a wide range of targets - concentrate on attacking enemy troops, try to cut off their supplies, destroy bridges, or attempt to achieve air superiority. The success or failure of these missions has direct implications to the course of the ground battle in a cause and effect style.

    A flexible approach will be called for, as the game aims to make the campaign environment as dynamic and interactive as possible. Add to that the astounding graphics, stunning landscapes, accurate flight models, and the world’s largest jet-to-jet dogfights and you have one the best games of next year on your hands.

    Other features of MiG Alley.
    • 8-12 player head-to-head play over network.
    • Over 50 aircraft in the skies at any one time.
    • Radio chatter, to confuse and aid the player - friendly aircraft, bases or even Russian or Chinese.
    • Fly the stunning valleys and mountains of the Korean peninsular in a huge 3D landscape.
    • Accurate landscape based on the era’s aerial photography and later, spy satellite imagery.
    • Challenge your pilot skills with diverse propeller and jet aircraft to master - all accurately modelled.
    • Huge, flexible campaign mode where your choices can make a major difference to the outcome.
    • Frontlines change daily, with reference to what actually happened on that day.
    • The Paintshop makes its reappearance as the player paint the aircraft and add pilot markings.
    • Incredibly complex enemy AI routines already in place.
    • The most stunning 3D undulating landscape ever seen on a home computer. and... if you’re a top Group Commander you may even get your base visited by Marilyn Monroe...

    Release Date: TBA 1998

    Price: TBA

    Minimum System: TBA

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Jun 28, 2009.

Jewel-Case Back:
    The Birth of Jet Warfare

    The Korean War: 1950

    With closing attack speeds of up to 1,000 mph and without the luxury of modern radar-guided missiles, get up close to the enemy and wait until you see the whites of his eyes before consigning him to oblivion. Take control of 5 totally authentic 1950's fighters and bombers, from the agile Russian MiG 15, to the awesome American F86 Sabre.

    • Rowan Software's new, advanced engine
    • Interactive forward air controller
    • 8 player head to head network and internet play
    • Authentic flight dynamics including the idiosyncratic behaviour of 1950's jets
    • Informative radio chatter
    • 16 different authentic aircraft, over 150 in the skies at any one time
    • Realistic damage to aircraft is visually displayed
    • Weather generation and varying atmospheric conditions
    • Undercarriage tyre and leg suspension respond realistic to terrain geometry

    Contributed by NGC 5194 (17485) on May 21, 2004.