Mig Alley Credits

Rowan Software

Game DesignRod Hyde, Mark Shaw
Lead ProgrammerGem Taylor
Lead 3D ProgrammerPaul Dunscombe
3D and SFXRobert Slater
User InterfaceDallas Morrison
CommsAndrew McMaster
Flight ModelCraig Beeston, Andrew McRae
ACMRod Hyde, Craig Beeston
Lead ArtistAndrew McCann
ArtistsToks Solarin, Richard Jones
Landscape Data PrepAmanda McCann, Chris Jones, Ian Hardy
Network, Hardware, SupportDavid Whiteside
AdministrationMary Hyde
MusicPaul Robotham
Sound EffectsSounds Appealing

Empire Interactive Team

ProducerAndrei Nadin
QA ManagerDarren Thompson
Play TestersBen Jay, Carlo Bush, Danny Rawles, Iain Riches, Tomek Ochocki, Oliver Clarke, Tristram Defries
Beta TestersKen Cook, Thomas Launder, Victor Di Cosola
Executive ProducerRoger Cheung
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr., Tomek Ochocki
Art DirectorPhilip Goldfinch
Artwork & DesignPaul Flewitt, Clare Brown, Mariza Parnell
MarketingTerry Shuttleworth


Manual Co‑AuthorSteve Owen
Details about flying combat missions in a SabreBoots Blesse, Paddy Harbison
Advice on flight modeling, cockpit positioning, horizon and situational awareness instrumentationMark Hanna
Introduced us to some valuable research materialAnton Maree
Aircraft technical adviceJim Tittle
Color photography libraryRichard Dorr
Film footage and still pictures from theUnited States National Archives
Uses Miles Sound System Copyright 1994-1998 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Smacker Video Technology Copyright 1994-1998 byRAD Game Tools Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by NGC 5194 (17614)