Mig Alley (Windows)

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Mig Alley Credits

Rowan Software

DesignRod Hyde, Mark Shaw
Programming DirectorRobert James Taylor
3D‑Programming DirectorPaul Dunscombe
3D GraphicsRobert Slater
User InterfaceDallas Morrison
CommunicationAndrew McMaster
Aerodynamics ModelCraig Beeston, Andrew McRae
ACMRod Hyde, Craig Beeston
Art DirectorAndrew McCann
Graphics / ArtworkToks Solarin, Richard Jones
Preparation of landscape dataAmanda McCann, Christopher Jones, Ian Hardy
Network, Hardware, SupportDavid Whiteside
AdministrationMary Hyde
MusicPaul Robotham
Sound / FXSounds Appealing

Empire Interactive

ProductionAndrei Nadin, Anthony J. Bond Jr., Tomek Ochocki
QA DirectorDarren Thompson
PlaytestersBen Jay, Carlo Bush, Danny Rawles, Iain Riches, Tomek Ochocki, Oliver Clarke, Tristram Defries
Beta TestersKen Cook, Thomas Launder, Victor Di Cosola
Production DirectorRoger Cheung
Art DirectorPhilip Goldfinch
Graphics / ArtworkPaul Flewitt, Clare Brown, Mariza Parnell
MarketingTerry Shuttleworth
Special Thanks - for working on the manualSteve Owen
Special Thanks - for additional info on combat duty in a SabreBoots Blesse, Paddy Harbison
Special Thanks - for advice on modelling the aircraftMark Hanna
Special Thanks - for providing research materialAnton Maree
Special Thanks - for technical advice on airplanesJim Tittle
Special Thanks - for providing a library of photographsRichard Dorr
Special Thanks - for providing video footage and photographsUnited States National Archives

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