Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20706)
Written on  :  Sep 01, 2003
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Horrible in every sense of the world - An insult to the series

The Good

Second update. Not much change, should've insulted it more but I censored some sensitive material, regardless.

Hmm....should've changed the one line summary to !#[email protected]# but I'm not sure if that's allowed. Hahahaha.

Well, what's good about the game? Uh...besides the graphics which is good is some areas but awful in others, I have to honestly say there is nothing worth mentioning. Considering I played this game only for a couple of hours before throwing it to the nearest trash disposal bin, should generally explain the finer aspects of the game...uh...

The only other good thing I can say is the PATIENCE the other guy who reviewed this game had, to ACTUALLY PLAY the game! Hahaha.

The Bad

Here's the good part. The bad. Yes, its bad. Very.

Well the game is similar to its Might and Magic predecessors but if there was a game to show you what it looks like, I would say a seriously bad version of Daggerfall. But, I'll have to start from the beginning to tell the tale of this horrible game.

First, character creation. Alley Cat would be more of an RPG than this game and Alley Cat isn't even an RPG! Oh, my God! This has got to be one of the lamest ideas of character creation in the great hall of idiot games. There are only 2 main character classes (although later specified in more specialized classes):
The fighter type and the magic user type. Now, it is a degradation in 2 aspects in my opinion: First, it is in violation of the Might and Magic tradition. They had your standard character classes of Ranger, Mage, Cleric, Barbarian, Paladin, etc. Well, eventually your can reach those classes but it looked kinda lame. Secondly, it is surprising to find such standards of character classes in this modern age. Seriously, you would find something like this in DOS games. Not in the 21st century. HELLO, DO YOU DEVELOPERS ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT AN RPG IS? Apparently not.

Second, graphics. Oddly extremely bright though. Not bad. Until you meet the people and monsters. The first time you play, you meet this bloke with a horrific 3D face. The first monsters you meet later one are irritating half sized skeletons that look like rejected products from a Halloween party. That in itself ultimately ruined any attempt for me to move on (seriously, it was THAT BAD). No taste. YES THAT'S IT! THIS GAME HAS NO TASTE!

Third, storyline? What storyline? This game doesn't have one. Your a bunch of adventurers who want to get out of your village. What kinda intro is that?

(Sigh). It's amazing anyone would actually create a stupid game like this. And from such a series like Might and Magic. A bad sequel is one thing, blasphemy is another.

The Bottom Line

Quoting from MC Hammer: You can't touch this. Seriously, please don't.