Might and Magic IX Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Typical street scene
Typical bar
NPC in bar
Another denizen
Outside view
Map display. The light area is where you can walk, everything else is off limits.
Character screen
Dead prisoner
Lich king
Verhoffin's tower ruins
Inside of the building in Thjorgard
Drunk fight in the bar
A bit of humor in dialogue is ok
Fighting imp elder
Honks cult
Inventory. You're doing in wrong...
Stones mini-game
Lich transmutation lab
Yetis ambush from high cliffs
Chasm of the Dead
You engage in a conversation with a dog in Sturmford. You begin to feel he is more interesting than any humans in this game
The dungeon of Beet Hoven (seriously). Sewers, mostly. You fight some badass plants
Religion seems awfully unpopular in this world
You can change the combat formation of your party
Windmill is ahead
There are some details here and there, but almost none of it is interactive
Potion shop
Throne room in Guberland
There are some humorous details
Your quest log
Buying weapons
Fearsome skeletons attack you on the Island of Ashes
Guys, this is supposed to be an academy... aren't you here to study, not fight?..
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!.. I wonder what this cow is doing in a prison dungeon?..
Your spellbook. Note the rabbit icon for the Haste spell...
The imposing architecture of Thronheim
The female Jarl is smart and resourceful. She doesn't like the poetry of another Jarl who tries in vain to conquer her heart...
Fighting a fearsome Dagrell inside a ruined temple
Frosgard, the desolate snowy town