Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro: monster attack
Intro: defending
The story, bla-bla-bla...
You start here.
Quest log
Talking to NPC
Wanna buy somethin'?
Choosing a sword
Walking into somebody else's house
Character stats
A nicely decorated bar
Lots of things to do in the bar
Holy, shmoly
A foggy day in London town...
Mutant unicorns? No, just horses, I guess...
Next time, click quicker with your mouse!
A fully-loaded spellbook
The final showdown!!
The Skills page
The inventory screen can get a bit crowded at times
Your journal records all sorts of helpful info
And has a full-fledged automap
Creating a new party
Might, Magic and GORE!!
These Lyches seem to be ThunderCats fans
The game uses photographs to represent NPCs - just look at this adorable child... :)
Look, just admit you have no chance. I just killed eight old guys looking just like you, what's two more to me?
Nice detail - a buoy floating in water. A ship is anchored nearby
It's good to know that the Ironfist dynasty has appreciation for fine arts. Nice graphics, too - this is real 3D!
You have carelessly ventured into a dangerous enclosed area. You are quickly killed by ferocious lizard archers
Fighting cannibals. Why are they black, by the way? Conscious racism, stereotypical thinking, or part of the game's lore?