Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
One of the very attractive loading screens
Check out the characters' individual inventories.
Go shopping in the local shops.
Wander around slum areas.
And wander around natural elven cities.
Arcomage - a card game that can be played for money in the cities' taverns.
Intro: citadel
The palace
Choosing and customizing your characters.
Are you ready for the competition?
Options screen
Starting the game on the shore.
Your quest log
Talking to NPCs.
Performing magic.
Near the city gate. Huh, what language is THAT?!
Buying weapons.
By blacksmith
The healer
The judges of the competition... lords-shmords ;))
The Body Guild... looks a bit Buddhistic! :)
The Fire Guild. You have to be a member in order to enter it.
Fighting large mean birds... or dragons? Who knows ;))
The first of many ships the party will board.
The new estate in Harmondale, won as a prize in a scavenger hunt!
Maybe not such a great prize after all...
The enter screens for palaces, forts, fortified cities, etc., are very well done.
A grove of very unfriendly trees
Trogolodytes appear in several dungeons early in the game.
Ambassadors await the party in a newly transformed throne room at Harmondale castle.
Harpies not only hurt the party, they cause drunkenness!
This is what happens when the party refuses to pay a "Necromancer's Tax", aka: a shakedown attempt...
This Elven royalty is just obnoxious enough that one doesn't feel much shame in double-crossing him.
The first piece of golem (there is another golem head, but it's not a good idea to use it...)
There are many teleporters like the one in the foreground in the Bracada Desert.
In one of a handful of cut-scenes, the elven King and Erathian Queen argue over boundaries.
In the town of Celeste it's a long way down for the one who wanders off the path.
Castle Lambent, in the city of Celeste
The party's own hand-built golem, set loose to guard Harmondale Castle.
Learning to fly is half the battle in getting around - Town Portal is the other half.
Fighting ghasts in the Dwarven Barrows.