Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Your enemy, the destroyer
Title screen
Creating your character.
Nice loading screen
Starting the game.
Talking to NPCs.
Quest log
The game's story
Uff, that was a tough battle.
By the blacksmith
The alchemist
One of the houses in the village
The elemental magic shop
In the tavern, you can play this mini-game.
The village elders
Here you can learn how to fight.
An apartment of one of the many inhabitants of the village
Outside the temple
At last - leaving Dagger Wound Island for the big wide world!
An important building in Ravenshore - the "enter" screens are beautifully done throughout the game.
An early battle in a pirate cave
Some enemies leave skins behind which are collectible for ingame "money". This is a Dire Wolf pelt.
You can label and name points of interest yourself in the game map.
Pedestals like this Day of the Gods one confer much-needed protection on the party.
These ogres mages are formidable opponents even in turn-based combat.
One day a week, some stables take you to the Arena, where you can do battle to gain experience points.
The giant crystal that caused the original upheaval.
Some peculiar architecture - the Temple of the Sun
Entering this troll tomb with a slower computer is an exercise in frustration - there are many, many doors, each of which must close before the next one opens!
Battling enemies in a quest to drain floodwaters from a Minotaur city.
The Town Portal map, showing the locations the spell can take the party to.
There are 4 of these doors scattered around the world, one for each element (water, air, earth and fire).
These enemies drop skins when killed: "Naga hide" :-)
Cut-scene: the dragon leader vows revenge on the hunters who captured his egg.
An aerial view of the town of Shadowspire, all gray-hued and ashy
These unassuming creatures can turn the party to stone.
The Cleric has just cast a Paralyze spell, very useful against some opponents!
Some towns have an Adventurer's Inn, where new party members can be recruited.
Ironsand Desert is a mostly bleak and unfriendly place - these guys are a case in point.
Quest items and magical artifacts/relics usually have interesting descriptions.
The party can even engage in aerial battle!