Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Pirates of the Savage Sea Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

New main menu screen, featuring Crag Hack himself.
Intro sequence, narrated by Falagar, another classic character of the Might & Magic saga.
The Pirate Council gives you a briefing before sending you after the Thunderbird.
Crag Hack's bio. He's been around a bit...
Exploring the islands of the Savage Sea...
One of the new town screens, diplaying all your buildings and all their upgrades.
It is also possible to hide the interface to enjoy the scenery.
Forts also have their new screens.
Man, that was a tough battle.
The Thunder Peak.
The Thunderbird attacks!
The Thunderbird is a new Boss fight.
After defeating the bird, you get a miniature version as a Pet.
In the "Princess of VARN" map, the narration is done through text boxes, as in the first Heroes games.
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