Might & Magic: Heroes VI Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

CGI intro movie - The city of Eastalon
CGI intro movie - The Duke is dead, long live the Duke
CGI intro movie - Anton is now the new Duke and has a lot on his shoulders
CGI intro movie - One of the new creatures, called a Fate Spinner, features prominently in the intro movie
Splash screen
Main menu
You can now create your own custom heroes to use in multiplayer mode
The Altar of Wishes, where you can exchange "Dynasty tokens" for various bonuses
Campaign selection screen, showing the map of Ashan
Necropolis loading screen
In-game cutscene - Anastasya is brought back from the dead
The story is mainly told through this kind of dialog boxes
On the adventure map, exploring underground tunnels
The Quest Log
A battle against neutral creatures. There are now interactive objects on the battlefield.
You can check enemy creature info during the combat.
Fighting the elemental creatures.
Floating obelisk towers will reveal large portion of the map around once you visit them.
Attacking the city of the undead.
Action camera kicks in every once in a while during combat.
Strongholds will increase your core creature population.
Friendly heroes can exchange items and armies.
Building town structures is a key to making armies.
Depending on your orientation, you'll be able to make different choices.
You can convert enemy towns and forts to that of your race.
Castle under siege.
Recruiting town creatures.
Exploring underground caverns.
Elemental versus undead.
Deploying troops before an assault on the human town.
Selecting the spell during combat.
Battle on the bridge doesn't leave you with much space for maneuvering.
Fighting enemy hero on a ship.
Scattering demon forces like a bad habit.
Boss fights will require that you seriously build your numbers before engaging into combat.
The city of Nagas with pretty much everything built.
Converting Haven's towns into cities of Nagas.
Full assault with overwhelming demon army.
Town of Inferno.
Orcs are pretty quick to strike, so you just need to prioritize your targets before enemy forces can even reach your front.
Arena lets you test your strength in combat
Meeting with the spider queen
A maze garden
At the docks
Attacking a demon castle
Boss fight against Uriel
Fighting the demon army as a knight
Sandor has gained friends among orcs
Family matters
Strong orcish encampment

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