Millennium Soldier: Expendable Credits


Engine and Game ProgrammingKevin Franklin, Philip Scott
Level CreationRoger Bacon, Duncan Hall, Peter Johnson, Philip Nixon
TexturesRoger Bacon, John Boundy, Duncan Hall, Philip Nixon
ModelsJohn Boundy
AnimationCathy McBurney
Editor ProgrammingKevin Franklin
MusicGordon Hall
SoundGordon Hall
Rendered SequencesCathy McBurney
DocumentationPeter Johnson
PlaytestingDean Bent, Jody Craddock, Scott Johnson, Chris Dolman
Project ManagementJohn Heap, Peter Johnson
Box ArtW. Stephen Blower
Sales & MarketingJane Hickey, Martin Kitney, Ruth Williams, Phillip Wright
Commercial DirectorColin Stokes
Managing DirectorPaul Finnegan
Heartfelt Thanks ToAntonio Argentieri, Kevin Blake, David Burton, Jason Della Rocca, Kevin Edwards, Michael Goddard, Juan Guardado, Richard Huddy, Rod Hughes, Brenda Lowthian, Lee Mather, Chris Maughan, Ian Moran, Ally Noble, Faisal Qaisi, Jeff Roberts, Tiziano Sardone, John Smedley, Kevin Strange, Phil Taylor, Jim West, Julian Widdows, Trevor Williams

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5351) and formercontrib (159527)