Mind's Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten Credits

Anino Games Inc.

Project LeadPaulo dela Viña
Lead ProgrammerPaulo dela Viña
Creative DirectorArthur Jay Deogracias
Co‑Project LeadArthur Jay Deogracias
Lead Game DesignerJay Garrava
Game DesignersMark Aldrich Siojo, Dino Gerard Diaz
Software EngineersJeff Paolo Ortiga, Fermin Agomaa III, Paulus Albert Armada
Art DirectorMiguel Abarintos Jr.
Game ArtistsJohn Barry Ballaran, Bryan Sevilla, Kristel Ann Raymundo
UI DesignerJune Carl Malapit
Effects DesignerJune Carl Malapit
Lead 3D ArtistRaymund Lota
3D ArtistsAdrian Hope Pedroso, Van Halen Cunanan, Fredrick G. Non, Jacqueline Dela Cruz, Jan Christopher Redilla, Isagani Carmelo Nanagas, Kim Wendell Layosa
Game TestersJonathan David Abasolo, Nicole Francine Toledo, Abbie Jenika Lao
Original Story ConceptElendil Gil-Galad Canete
MusicAaron Gonzales
ProducerRoger Michael Abada
Special ThanksEmilyn Monserrat Luciano, Edward Michael Atienza, Michael Lee, Michael Carranceja, Anne Carmela Rosario
Playground Game EngineTim Mensch (Lead), Reggie Seagraves (Mac Lead), Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks
This game was built using thePlayground SDK. Copyright © 2007 PlayFirst, Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)