Mobile Forces Credits (Windows)

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Mobile Forces Credits


ProgrammingGeorge Harris, Daniel Leyden, Alistair Baxter
Physics ProgrammingBill Henderson
Level DesignStephen Banks, Billy Thomson
Additional Level DesignPat Fitzsimons
ArtSteve Hodgson, Gary Thomson, Jason Hall, Martin Good
ProducerColin Macdonald
Studio ManagerDavid Jones
Thanks toSimon Donbavand, Janis Schibalski, Jonathan Hughes, Stephen Hewitt, 306, Paligap, JCal & Serpentius, 2Lions & Vader, Frag‑girlie & Luckee, Tom How, Tim Atha, Kimberly Vizurraga, Bob Mandel, Mike Way, Coda, *Rob, Marty


QADean Bent, Stuart Williams, Richard Hughes, Nick Hall, David Dixon, James Brodie, Paul Coles, Stuart Clenton, Gavin Clark, Mark Povey, Jody Craddock, Adrian Williams, Lee Mather, Kevin Brown
AudioDarren Lambourne, Stephen Lord
Manual LayoutBill Bird
Sales and MarketingSimon Lilley, James Scalpello, Cheryle Wilkinson, Simon Donbavand, Phillip Wright, Achim Kaspers (D), Anne-Karine Denoble (F)
LocalisationAlly Noble
Web SiteTim Preece, Simon Leedham
ManagementColin Bell, Rich Biltcliffe, Feargus Carroll, Simon Gardner, Trevor Williams

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