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The Moment of Silence (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Moment of Silence Credits

House Of Tales

Story and DialoguesMartin Ganteföhr
Technology DesignTobias Schachte
ProgrammingTobias Schachte
Art DirectionAndreas Moll, Sven Moll
Scenery ByMimetec Lights
Design, Models and TexturesAndreas Moll, Sven Moll
Obey ArtShepard Fairey (used with kind permission)
Cutscenes ByThe Light Works
ScreenplaysMartin Ganteföhr
SupervisorTobias J. Richter, Philip Weiss
CG ArtistArne Langenbach, Oliver Nikelowski, Peter Hecker
Character and Scenery DesignAndreas Moll, Sven Moll
Additional Data ConversionDaniel Kochlowski, Maximilian Laska
Characters ByVirgin Lands
PrototypesSascha Selent
Models and TexturesBjörn Harhausen, Frank Hessefort
AnimationsRalf Hüttinger
Additional AnimationFrank Hessefort, Florian Hofer, Andreas Weidenmüller
Character SetupRalf Hüttinger, Volker Jäcklein
Additional Crowd Characters (Lunar 5 and Airport)Andreas Moll, Sven Moll
Motion Capture StudioMetricminds
DirectorTobias J. Richter
OperatorChristian Dreher
Character TDJörg Beigang
Assistant DirectorVera Vogel
Post Processing SupervisorSandra Wagner
Post ProcessingChristian Kickenweitz, Christina Hoer
PerformerUllrich Wittemann, Iris Kruninger, Pit Kruninger
Performer CastingKGB Casting
Audio Production ByDynamedion
Audio ManagementPierre Gerwig Langer
Music & Sound EffectsTilman Sillescu, Pierre Gerwig Langer
Additional Music & Sound EffectsNugel Bros. Music, Henning Nugel, Ingo Nugel
Localization ServicesTranslocacell
Recording SupervisorMartin Ruiz Torreblanca
Project ManagerBettina Golk
CutLars Boland, Stephan Lenssen
Additional SupportNils Bote, Sandra Tempus
Workflow Coordination and FinancesTobias Schachte
Head Sales and Marketing WorldwideHiep Tran-Trung
Public RelationsSilke Stein
Trade Show AssistanceMarkus Hoffmann
Lead TesterBenjamin Bräuer, Steffen Rath, Jens Falk
TesterPetra Jacobi, Stephanie Stöcker, Johannes Brauer, Bjorn Gratopp, Lars Wetphal, Falk Bauer, Kamil Holys, Sandra Komnacki
TechnologiesBink Video, Granny Animation, fmod Sound System
Special ThanksWerner Ganteföhr (for his huge support), Gaby Dick (for all the great meals and coffee)
Animated DJ Logo byFramework Studios
Voice Recordings DirectionMartin Ganteföhr
Voice ActorsManfred Lehmann, Daniela Hoffmann, Alexander Schottky, Norman Matt, Hans Gerd Kilbinger, Rolf Berg, Josef Tratnik, Hans Bayer, Axel Ludwig, Petra Glunz-Grosch, Gregor Höppner, Nicole Engeln, Vitorio Alfieri, Markus Küster, Frank Barenberg, Patrick Feiter, Jochen Kolenda, Ilia Welter, Heinz Ostermann, Chiarra Ferraú, Susanne Reuter, Tobias Klausmann, Martin Ruiz Torreblanca

Digital Jesters Limited

Financial DirectorTerry Malham
Marketing DirectorLeo Zullo
PR DirectorNeena Patel
Sales DirectorMatthew Edwards
Creative DirectorEdward Willey
Product and Development ManagerSpencer Low
Marketing ManagerJulian Hoddy
Product ManagerRob Donald
PR ExecutiveKevin Leathers
Technical ManagerJason Harman
Office AssistantClare Scott

The Adventure Company

ProducerRay Baun
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.
Product Marketing ManagerByron Gaum
Creative DirectorDesmond Oku
Graphic Design and Layout:Edward Hatim, Russell Challenger
North American PR ManagerTara Reed
Developer SupportDaniel Torreblanca
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadVasso T. Kontoulis
TestersDan Dawang, Chris Elliott, Anthony Finelli, Chris Nesbitt, Mike Deveau, Benjamin Feuerstein, Vasso T. Kontoulis, Adrian Miller
Legal & Business DevelopmentRichard Kim, Robert Stevenson
WebsiteBarry Lachapelle
V.P. of Product DevelopmentRobert Stevenson
V.P. of Sales & MarketingJoseph Morici
President and CEORichard Wah Kan
TechnologiesBink Video - RAD Game Tooks Inc., Granny Animation - RAG Game Tools Inc., fmod Sound System - Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd., Ogg Vorbis Decoder - Xiphophorus, Some antiques from De Espona Infográfica
Special Thanks - The H.O.T team wishes to thanksWerner Ganteföhr (For his huge support), Gaby Dick (For all the great meals and coffee), and the many many colleagues and friends who supported us during the making of this game!

dtp Entertainment AG

Published bydtp Entertainment AG []
Product ManagerMarc Buro
Development ManagerMarc Buro
MarketingCarsten Fichtelmann, Christopher Kellner, Marina Selikowitsch
Public RelationsCarsten Fichtelmann, Christopher Kellner, Marina Selikowitsch
TestingOle Christian Böttcher, Marc Buro, Holger Jurkat, Philipp Thalmann, Boris Lenauer
Package‑DesignStefan Sturm

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