The Moment of Silence (Windows)

The Moment of Silence Screenshots

Windows version

Main title in the opening cinematic
A SWAT team of a sort breaks in at your neighbor's just at the bad point in your life
Peter Wright, struggling with his conscience whether to do the right thing, or let it pass him by
Main Title
Main Menu
Coming to check in on your neighbors, and offer possible aid
Testing your messenger, sort of a modern day cellphone
Peter is a man of optimism and high hopes, but doesn't mind to say a critic or two on occasion
You may not understand Mandarin, but luckily, that is not required to order some quick food from a nearby chinese restaurant
There are all kinds of people to run into in the park at night
Look down on the streets from your apartment (doesn't look like 23rd floor, now does it?)
Browsing your wardrobe
A nice day for a walk, but not the most quieter if going through the park
Discussing the recent events with Deborah to try to find some clue about her missing husband
At his free time, Peter takes comfort in chatting with his secret on-line friend
Claire is a robot that you'll have pleasure in talking to every time you visit your working place
Peter can discuss certain topics only with his most trusty friend and colleague
Checking out the inventory contents while at work
Arriving at a fairly dangerous district of the town
Rita is a local prostitute that may be of some use (for the game's plot, I mean, of course)
It is not wise to answer to provocations of a couple of thugs... but who said I was wise
Inside the Nuclear Café, the cover name for Alien Attack Club
About to ask some good hacker for a favour
Hm, a video cable... this may come in handy for an old VCR if I manage to find such an outdated device these days
At the airport's lounge
It doesn't take too much to surprise Peter, as long as it's creative enough
Greenwich looks like a more quiet district, less affected by the touch of technology
In front of the antique shop, persuading the owner to unlock the door for you
The government is watching
When time runs you by and government rewrites the history, old guy's stories can be the only well of trustworthy informations
Spying on the commotion in the hallway
Your living room has quite a view
Arriving at the Great Central Plaza
The futuristic look of your workplace
In front of a Nuclear Cafe
At your neighbor's apartment
The last room with non-digital newspapers and articles
A bridge to the space station
You can request for anything you want here... and they will oblige
Looking back at Earth
By the pool
Sneaking about on the oil rig
Caught by the police
Escaping the prison is going to be challenging
When cops are on the lookout for you, sewers are the safe road
An old subway train
A short interlude where you play as Deborah
Ski lodge