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Oh dear...
Something about that sentance makes me uneasy...
Lvl 1: A view of an arrow from inside your helmet.
This doorway is the exit of the test.
Test 2: Another subject?!
Test 2: Interaction does not go well.
The 'director' has nothing more to say...
Test 3: Claustrophobic? Test 3 is not for you.
Test 4: The walls can be pushed down to reveal new corridors.
Test 5: This test will require you to touch numbers in order, with a brutal time limit.
Test 6: A maze, the walls of which rise as you approach them.
Test 6: Walls descending as they reach the end of your field of vision.
Test 7: This test features moving walls that can kill you. The following screens illustrate this.
Test 7: Movement 2
Test 7: Movement 3
Death, crushed between two walls, the world fades away.
Mondo Medicals ethic.
Test 8: A giant switch, one of four in an infuriating 'puzzle'.
A final encounter with the director...