Monster Truck Madness Credits


ProgrammingRichard Harvey, Robert Minnis, Mark Randel, Greg Seehusen
ArtChuck Carson, Drew Haworth, Terry Simmons
Level DesignJoseph Selinske, Gaither Simmons
MusicKyle Richards, Tom Wedge
SoundKyle Richards, Tom Wedge
Executive ManagementBrett Combs
AdministrationChristy Combs

Terminal Reality Inc.

Team CreditsChuck Carson, Brett Combs, Richard Harvey, Grinnel, Drew Haworth, Robert Minnis, Mark Randel, Kyle Richards, Greg Seehusen, Joseph Selinske, Gaither Simmons, Terry Simmons, Tom Wedge

Microsoft Corporation

Team CreditsKate Bigel, Diane Camber, Kate Camber, John Cote, Angel Diaz, Jamie Evans, Shawn Firminger, Lynn Guthrie, Doug Jelen, Matt Johnston, Eric Kruske, Dean Lester, Tom McDowell, Kevin McGrath, Kathryn McMillan (Kiki), Yasmine Nelson, Sterling Noren, Phil Saitta, John Stephens, Keith Wintraub

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