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Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (Windows)

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Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Credits


Executive ProducersRobert Alan Ezrin, Terry Gilliam
Game DesignDavid Feldstein, Steve Martino
ProducerDavid Feldstein
Line ProducerEric Spuur
Assistant To The Executive ProducersLeAnn Moen
Creative DirectorSteve Martino
ScriptBart Jennett
Additional WritingRobert Alan Ezrin
Puzzle DesignSteven Hunter, Eric Spuur
Engineering DesignJeff English
Director of Scene PlanningTim Rummel
Audio DesignPatrick McNulty
Software ArchitechJeff English
Director of DevelopmentKenneth J. Capps
Lead Engineers (Software)Jay DeShan, Marvin D. McFadin, Jason T. Miller
Engineers (Software)William Cochran, Paul Downing, Joe Hillman, Michael Montague, Michael Watson
Tools DevelopmentWes Bell, Michael Thenhaus
Installation Design And DevelopmentBryan Kennedy
Art DirectionDarin Kirschner, Steve Martino
Lead Photoshop ArtistsGreg Brotherton, Robert Conner
Interface DesignDarin Kirschner
Photoshop ArtistsKara Chikamori, Doug Elliston, Scott Grossman, Andrew Hinnebusch, Dee Louzginov, Douglas Martin, James Nelms, Dave Pascal, Roger Shank, Zachary Tscharanyan
Traditional AnimationTerence Castelo, Alexis Que
Still Photography (London)Luis Alexander Lazo
Art Production ManagersHarry Gold, Kenneth T. Roy
Assistant Art DirectorLyn Gardner
Second Assistant Art DirectorCharles Otte
Art Production AssistantCJ Liao
Audio ProducerPaul Ray
Lead Engineer (Audio)Patrick McNulty
Engineers (Audio)Tom Chesney, AndrĂ© Jacquemin, Linda Radulich, Ron Wasserman
Audio CoordinatorDebbie Fiorella
Production Assistant (Audio)Egan Rice
Dental Ditty- Composed And Performed ByEric Idle, Tom Scutt
Technical DirectorAlex Yevgenyev
Assistant Technical DirectorPaul G. Tighe
Image Processing CoordinatorAlan Botvinick
Assistant Image Processing CoordinatorJonathan Pekar
2nd Assistant Image Processing CoordinatorMichelle Italiano
RotoscopingAaron Fujii, Stewart Hoffman, Judy Manning, Sno Smith, Steve Stewart
ScanningDaniel Felts, Brent Fujii
Paste‑Up CoordinatorWendy Jacobsmeyer
Scene Planning SupervisorSean Dempsey
Lead Scene PlannersBill Luttrell, Salvador Siangio, Jose Silverio
Scene PlannersEric Bryan, Terence Castelo, Sean Dempsey, April Koteh, Maureen D. Mascarina, Seth Reek, Ricky Santant, Ching Valencia
Engineer (Scene Planning)Hasmik Byurat
Assistant Engineer (Scene Planning)Karine Chagatsbanyan
Scene Planning CoordinatorEster Gevorkian
Production TechnologyMark A. Steeves
Video EditorCharles Otte
Video Optimization And AudioPaul Ray
Director Of Development ServicesJason A. Greenwood
QA Product LeadSean Kanter
QA EngineersMike Brown, Rick Germany, Chris Haney, Andrew Hsia, Jason Odom, Ed Roberts, Timothy R. Ruessler, Kelly Wahlen, Aaron Zaksek
Additional QA Play TestingMichelle Bagur, Amy Koenig, Melissa Larson, Lori Martin
Technical SupportCole Anderson, Charles Rehm, Joe Tait
Vice President Of Studio OperationsVeronica Murdock
Director (Operations)Barbara House
SchedulingCerina Lynn
Informational ServiceMark Eddy, Michael Reed
Product ManagerAileen Carroll
Package DesignKirk Skadden
DocumentationBart Jennett, Shannon Krakosky, Kirk Skadden
Voice Talent (Monty Python)John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin
Main Female RolesSusan Denaker
Additional VoicesSusan Deming, Howard Pattow, Jeffrey Steefel
ThanksKaty Brumbach, Jeanna Crawford, Andrew Jacobs, Dave Oakden, Toni Pace, Tanya Page, Jeryd Pojawa, Roger Saunders, Tony Sciortino, Julius Wiltz, Nikki Winter
The DealmakerLou Viveros
Wants All The Credit But Isn't Getting AnyJohn Peterson
Last Minute ManNathan Wright
Marketing MadnessShelley Kent, Sangita Verma
Pieces Parts OrganizerBarbara Loo
Testing, Not GradingDave Conley, James Jennings

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Credits for this game were contributed by Gene Davison (730)