Moonbase Commander Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Don't let the goofy looking intro fool you, this is a quality game.
The obligatory shot of the menu.
NiceCo, The friendly faction has a pleasant woman's voice promising corporate rewards for battlefield success.
Don't screw up playing as DeWulf Industrial or you'll get barked at by your middle management.
System7 tolerates humans only when they are destroying other humans.
The voice for Team Alpha is straight out of a fighter pilot recruiting video.
Launching a hub (the controls are in the lower right corner)
Landing an energy collector on a purple energy pool will give you additional power each turn.
Launching a missile at a System7 offensive node.
Nothing like a good chain explosion to brighten up your day.
Water filled maps sometimes require the construction of massive bridges to launch attacks on neighboring islands.
The single player "challenge" mode is a set of 16 increasingly difficult levels to help refine your game skills.