Mortadelo y Filemón: Una Aventura de Cine Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

German title screen
Meet our 'Heroes': Mortadelo and Filemón (aka. Fred Clever & Jeff Smart)
...and their greatest nemesis: Dr. Bacterio
Dr. Bacterio's newest invention: The Telethingy
On your journey through the movie-world you'll meet many famous characters.
You'll visit many different worlds.
Meet Billy the Kid.
He'll play a little game with you.
The map of Horror-world
Meet Frankie-Boy.
Mr. T-Rex is hungry.
The options screen
If you win the monster-contest you'll get a brain.
Menu screen
Of course a good T.I.A.-agent needs a weapon. Will it be a machine gun, a stick of dynamite or a slingshot?