Mortyr: 2093-1944 Reviews (Windows)

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An awful FPS! adam payne (18) 0.33 Stars0.33 Stars0.33 Stars0.33 Stars0.33 Stars
It tries to recreate the Wolfstein experience, and does so very welll, except for 1 thing, wolfenstein was fun. jeremy strope (171) unrated
Wolfeinstein 3D Has Nothing To Worry About... [BR]Gladiator (12) unrated
It's wolfenstein... with out all the thing that made it good. BlackNightmare (270) 1.17 Stars1.17 Stars1.17 Stars1.17 Stars1.17 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.1
Overall User Score (23 votes) 2.5

Critic Reviews

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Power Unlimited (Mar, 1999)
Het verhaal van Mortyr mag dan iets minder interaktief zijn dan dat van Half-Life en de graphics net iets minder dan die van Unreal, het is een uitstekende en bloedstollende shooter die lang in je hoofd zal blijven rondspoken.
Mortyr jest czystą, żywą grą akcji, w której zabijanie jest celem, a nie środkiem, gdzie nie ma czasu na jedzenie kanapek, a chlebak jest wyłącznie po to, żeby się granaty nie chlebotały. Mimo pewnego niesmaku, jaki wprowadzają poziomy z przyszłości, polecam ją wszystkim graczom - szczególnie w Polsce.
If you are a computer graphics artist and are looking for a mentor and one of the best to learn from at that, contact the graphic artists over at Mirage. The graphics are astounding; a totally immersive 3D environment. Back during the days of Castle Wolfenstein 3D, a game similar to Mortyr: 2093-1944, I wished that the environments looked this good. One impressive aspect of the graphics is some of the highly detailed polished floors in the castle. They resemble glass reflecting an almost mirror image of light sources, shadows, characters, and smoke from your weapons.
Politiek correct of niet, waar het om draait is spelplezier en voor de liefhebbers van het genre is Mortyr een zeer aardig tussendoortje.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 29, 1999)
Mortyr is dus duidelijk een spel voor action lovers die Wolfenstein nog steeds het beste spel aller tijden vinden. 't Is een leuk spel om af en toe eens een halfuurtje te spelen, maar in fel contrast met andere first person shooters zorgt het gebrek aan interactie, tussenscènes, scripted events, plotwendingen en tactische noodzaak er evenwel voor dat je je weinig betrokken voelt bij het gebeuren. Uiteraard moet de actie primeren en is dit allemaal niet vereist wanneer het om een multiplayer georiënteerd spel gaat à la Quake Arena of Unreal Tournament. Bij een overwegend singleplayer spel had ik toch wel wat meer verwacht en dat is spijtig, want een uitstekende grafische engine zoals die van Mortyr heeft toch wel heel wat potentieel.
GameSpy (Jan 03, 2000)
Unreal Tournament or Q3 it's not, but a pleasant diversion it may be. Yes it's flawed, but the engines potential is there. I would like to see future games use its capabilities. Besides, it's so much fun fragging flaming Nazi's. Peace.
Absolute Games ( (Jun 12, 1999)
Подводя итоги, хочется сказать, что перед нами добротная поделка на тему Wolfenstein 3D. Mortyr выполнен на достаточно высоком уровне: графика неплоха, звук, хотя ничем особым не выделяется, но и спазмов желудка не вызывает. В общем, ради интереса побегать можно, посмотреть на быт нацистов обыкновенных, слегка снизить их число на душу нормального населения... Но самое главное в игре все же отсутствует — нет в ней той искры, которая заставляет забыть о своих пространственно-временных координатах и перенестись в другой мир. И уж конечно это не Wolfenstein нашего времени. Только вот может ли быть таковой? Времена-то уже не те... Впрочем, не суть. Игру всем любителям жанра рекомендуем, вполне может понравиться.
Pelit (Mar, 2000)
Yleensä asiansa ajavan ja paikoin jopa näyttävän grafiikkansa ansiosta Mortyr on (hyvin, hyvin) pieninä annoksina pelattuna ihan siedettävää ajanvietettä. 3D-räiskinnöissä on kuitenkin nykyään niin paljon valinnan varaa, että ei ole oikein mitään järkevää syytä miksi näin B-luokkaiseen peliin kannattaisi aikaansa tuhlata.
All in all, Mortyr is a plain vanilla shooter. It does nothing totally new or groundbreaking, yet it's still an enjoyable experience. Although the higher difficulty settings are so difficult as to be frustrating, there's enough variation in the levels that most everyone should be able to find their comfort zone in which to play and enjoy the game.
I remember well the first time I played Apogee and id Software's Wolfenstein 3-D. After downloading the seemingly huge 700K demo, I was immediately hooked. Soon after, I sent $50 to Apogee for the whole set of six episodes, and I was in 3D action heaven. While others soon moved on to Doom and Quake, I was probably alone in remaining fiercely loyal to Wolfenstein. I far preferred the prospect of fighting evil Nazis during wartime than satanic demons in some artificial supernatural setting. In preparation for Mortyr, I reinstalled the old id classic, and while its graphics are incredibly primitive and blocky, and the gameplay awfully simple, I can see why it was such a hit in its day.
Game Over Online (Jan 22, 2000)
So why weren't publishers knocking on Mirage's door to publish Mortyr quicker? Perhaps it was the gameplay that turned them off. Mirage has done a superb job creating a 3D engine unlike many others, and I hope they'll put it to good use on future products, but it's clear that most of the development time was spent on that superb engine, and not the gameplay. The old 'Kill Enemies, Find Key, Open Door' formula is passé and the AI is far from intelligent. The end result is what is commonly referred to as a mindless game. If you have the ability to check your brain at the door and just enjoy the carnage, you'll probably like playing Mortyr. If you prefer a little more substance, there are better FPS' on the market.
IGN (Jan 13, 2000)
We've all waited a long time for this one but the final product falls far short of our expectations.
44 (Sep 18, 2002)
I'm not gonna waste more words on a hefty review, since I guess you'll probably already know that this game is probably the worst shooter ever.
Shooterplanet (Jan 16, 2005)
Das Game ist von Anfang 2000 und kann natürlich nicht mit heutigen Shootern konkurrieren. Die Grafik ist mehr schlecht als recht, eine Gegner-KI nicht vorhanden und das Gameplay leidet am Schwierigkeitsgrad. Für Freunde fiktiver Geschichten bietet Mortyr jede Menge Stoff und kann im LAN-Koop-Modus vielleicht Spaß machen. Im Internet wird man keine Server mehr finden. Es kann also nur Liebhabern empfohlen werden die nicht davor zurückschrecken etwas Geld auszugeben um Ihre Sammlung zu vervollständigen.
FiringSquad (Feb 01, 2000)
A game with little, to no, hype. I think that might sum up the prerelease days of Mortyr. Having to live in the shadow of such anticipated games as Quake3 and Unreal Tournament didn't leave much room for an independently created game. There have been a few games that stand out for some reason, for example Kingpin, with its hiring of hoodlums and profuse use of expletives. I guess Mortyr should have added some Nazi nudie bars for more exposure. This game was produced in Europe, which could have contributed to its nonexistent showing in its beta days. Combine that with almost not having a publisher and you have a game that might not have existed in North America. That would have been a likely scenario if Interplay hadn't stepped in and picked up the rights to Mortyr, which were dropped after Ubisoft refused to publish it.
Imagine an alternate world where game developers ship bug-free games...where plot and pacing are as important as explosions and architecture...where online play is two mouse-clicks away. Imagine a gamer’s paradise. Imagine all you want, but all you’ll get from MORTYR is a dose of reality.
GameSpot (Jan 26, 2000)
It's usually a reviewer's goal to present a balanced opinion, but in the case of a game like Mortyr, there really isn't any point in trying to dredge up a few redeeming qualities. There's no reason you should play Mortyr for free, much less have to purchase it. It's boring, it's unoriginal, and it doesn't even live up to the eight-year-old game it's attempting to copy. At least it gives us one more reason to hate Nazis: Without them, Mortyr might never have been made.
What sounded like a very impressive game idea turned out to be a rush job juggled by various publishers and churned out to stores. Mortyr 2093-1944 is worthy of only 1 1/2 GiN Gems, and I hope that Xatrix will help us out when they release their Wolf 3D remake (which is being co-designed by id Software using the visually impressive Quake 3 engine) and make it worthy of the original.
incite PC Gaming (Apr, 2000)
Before playing Mortyr please remember that any time spent on this game is lost forever. Nein! Nein! Nein!