Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege Credits

Monte Cristo Multimedia

Monte Cristo MultimediaJean-Christophe Marquis, Jérôme Gastaldi
External Productions ManagerPascal Héry
ProducerDavid Hockley
Assistant ProducerFlorence Reidenbach
Lead TesterThomas Iacobone
TestersDavid Silverio, Cathy Czarik
Additional Multiplayer Level DesignThomas Iacobone
SalesSandrine Chastang, Julia Salmon, Stéphane Roger, Nathalie Bousquet, Stéphane Grand-Chavin
MarketingSandrine Chastang, Julia Salmon, Stéphane Roger, Nathalie Bousquet, Stéphane Grand-Chavin

INtex Publishing

Idea and RealizationMartin Böhmer
ProgrammingVasiliy Kirichenko
ScriptingVasiliy Kirichenko
3D Model Design, Texturing & RenderingVasiliy Kirichenko
Mapping & Level DesignMartin Böhmer
Translations and LocalizationSylvia Böhmer
Background & Historical ResearchMartin Böhmer
Artwork and MapsVasiliy Kirichenko (unit renders), Martin Böhmer (maps)
3D Engine and Technical Support provided byDigital Reality, Norbert Szabó (a.k.a. Genesis)
VoicesHifi Génie
LocalizationDL Multimedia
Special Thanks toDelphine Hockley, Deborah Hockley

Cinemaware Marquee

Associate ProducersKevin Bonner, David Mercer
Vice President, DevelopmentLars Fuhrken-Batista
Creatives Services Lead DesignerKim Branson
Vice President, Sales & MarketingRichard Siporin
Sales & Marketing ManagerCindy Yeagle
Product ManagerGreg Zesinger
PR ManagerLisa Hinsch
Public RelationsSandbox Strategies
Customer Service SpecialistNicholas Sciarra
QA SpecialistJoshua DiCamillo
Web ProducerRyan McKeown
Special Thanks (in alphabetical order)Susan Boudreau, Larry Fanelle, Jerry Klein, Paul Lang, Jon Luciano, Gene Mauro, Tom Murphy, Tom Parente, Ellen Pulver Flatt, Art Rountree, Marina Shindel, Kristin Simko, Lambert Thom

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (501970)