Moto Racer Credits


Project LeaderPaul Cuisset
ProgrammingPhilippe Chastel, Paul Cuisset, Alain Ramond, Fabrice Rodet, Alain Tinarrage
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingPatrick Bricout, Arnaud Carré, Philippe Chastel, Claude Levastre
Music / Sound ProgrammingPatrick Bricout
Level / Scenario DesignStéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Grégory Béal, Anne Fossa, Laurent Franchet, Hervé Gaerthner, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Michel, Christelle Noblet
Graphics / ArtworkGrégory Béal, Anne Fossa, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek, Béatrice Laurent, Denis Mercier, Christelle Noblet, Thierry Perreau
3D ModellingStéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Anne Fossa, Hervé Gaerthner, Yan Le Gall, Denis Mercier
MusicRaphaël Gesqua
SoundRaphaël Gesqua
Art DirectorDenis Mercier, Thierry Perreau
PackagingColin Dodson, Edward Du Bois
DocumentationLaurent Franchet, Thierry Gaerthner
Project ManagerPhilippe Chastel
PlaytestingChristophe Brusseaux, Frédéric Pierrat

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (9071)