Motocross Madness Credits

Rainbow Studios

Executive ProducerEarl Jarred
Game DesignerRobb Rinard
ProducerRobb Rinard
Lead Programmer Mark DeSimone
Graphics Engine Programming Mark DeSimone
Lead Gameplay and Physics ProgrammingGlenn O'Bannon
AI ProgrammingTom Shepherd
Graphics and Animation ProgrammingAdam Kraver
Game ProgrammingTravis Hilterbrand
User Interface ProgrammingDennis Booth
Track Editor ProgrammingRobb Rinard (Dobbo)
Lead ArtistBrian Gillies
Lead AnimatorKevin Riley
User Interface Art Andre Kirk, Carl Schultz
Texture PaintingAndre Kirk
Track DesignDavid Dwire, Brian Gillies
3D ModellingBrian Gillies, Carl Schultz, Terrence Walker
MusicMark Stratford
Sound EffectsMark Stratford
Lead GuitarThano Sahnas
Guitar Steve Stevens
Sample Collection courtesy ofEast West Communications Inc.
Senior AdministratorSandy Jarred
FinanceWanda Smith
Administrative AssistantTiffany Roy
Network AdministrationJohn Shelsta
Special ThanksPaul Kohler (Deal Maker), John Mass (William Morris Agency), Jeff Padden (Maintaining Law and Order), Travis K. Riffle (Inspiration and Competition), Fleshwound Films[Madness Inspiration]


Program ManagerShannon Loftis (Heather)
Product PlannerHeather Burgess (Shannon)
Product Manager Chris DiCesare
Test LeadKevin Fetters, Eric Spunaugle
TestersBeckie Barber, Shelina Gowani, Tim Kerns, Andy Kriger, Christian Owens
Beta Coordinator Matt Alderman
User Education WriterDaj Oberg
Editor Dana Fos
Print DesignerChris Lassen
Digital Artist Connie Braat
Localization Managers Michel Buch-Anderson, Laurence Krzemien-Smith
Setup Developer David Shoemaker
Technical Support LeadSteven Kastner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5366) and formercontrib (159766)