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Not much of a game, here. SharkD (418) 3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.3
Overall User Score (23 votes) 3.6

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Out Of Eight (Sep 23, 2008)
Even as I tried to write this review, I had to stop and load up the game -- just to check out the official name of the Claimants, I swear! Twenty minutes later, I pried myself away, but only after training 19 Spearmen. Without a doubt, Mount&Blade is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. There's a scene in Ghostbusters where Peter Venkman says, "I guess they just don't make them like they used to." "No!" Ray snaps. "Nobody ever made them like this!" That quote kept playing through my head as I clocked in hour after hour of Mount&Blade. As much as it has in common with classics like Darklands, Elite and Sid Meier's Pirates! (don't blame me for the exclamation mark, blame Sid), Mount&Blade is very much its own thing. The scope of this game is amazing. It hearkens back to games of the yesteryear, when, free of things like hundred man high-rez art teams and Hollywood screenwriters, RPGs were as vast and limitless as modern titles are minutely detailed.
GamePro (US) (Sep 16, 2008)
There are certainly some faults with the game - most notably the lack of a random battle generator and the overly repetitive nature of the quests given by NPC lords - but all in all, these are minor faults when looking at the big picture. For a game with such a heavy emphasis on medieval combat, Mount & Blade is just shy of perfection.
Game Shark (Oct 22, 2008)
Where a lot of games start out very broad in scope, it’s often not very long before you realize the pool is only a foot deep. Conversely, this game's open-ended model may feel shallow at first, but the longer you play it the more the game world opens up, which makes Mount & Blade more like diving in the ocean: The further out you go the deeper it gets. And that’s very refreshing.
GameLand (Oct 16, 2008)
Если в вашей душе не угасла страсть к подвигам, если хочется облачиться в доспехи, сесть на верного коня и отправиться куда глаза глядят, если мечтаете о приключениях, сражениях и, конечно же, победах, вам повезло – независимая студия TaleWorlds сделала всем романтикам настоящий подарок, имя которому Mount & Blade.
90 (Oct 02, 2008)
However, as a bad point I must point out the lack of multiplayer, as it would have worked great for such an engine, but sadly we cannot expect it until M&B 2. Aside from that, if you’re in just for a relaxing skirmish or looking to conquer the whole world of Calradia, Mount and Blade is a stable product from early beta with great replay value which offers a level of entertainment that few titles with overinflated budgets fail to provide.
87 (Nov 17, 2008)
Absoluter Geheimtipp: Mount&Blade ist ein Spiel, das viel zu komplex ist, um es in einem schnöden Testartikel vollständig zu beschreiben. Ob Burgenbelagerung oder Spiontätigkeit, Ausbildung der eigenen Truppe oder Ausbau des eigenen Lebens, jeder, der nur irgendwie mit mittelalterlichem Ambiente etwas anfangen kann, wird ein persönliches Spielziel finden können. Und ob gemütlicher Handel oder nervenaufreibendes Schlachtgetümmel des Zockers Wahl ist, bleibt ihm komplett selbst überlassen.
GameFocus (Sep 22, 2008)
Very fun combat, mixed into an era we rarely ever see touched in gaming and solid but brutal gameplay and the fantastic community built mod’s, gives this game a permanent place in my gaming library. Buy it.
80 (Sep 24, 2008)
Überraschung: Mount & Blade ist besser als ich zunächst dachte! Dass das intelligente Rollenspiel im Vorfeld derart stiefmütterlich behandelt wurde, ist eigentlich schade. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass es sich nun als waschechter Geheimtipp entpuppt. Das lag sicher auch daran, dass es an allem fehlt, was andere Spiele im Überfluss besitzen: Pathetische Story, roter Faden durchs Spiel, filmischer Anstrich und tolle Grafik. Diesen fehlenden Oberflächlichkeiten setzt es innere Werte und Freiheit entgegen, die das spielend wieder wett machen. Ihr startet als einfacher Ritter ohne Land und könnt euch bis zum Vasall des Königs hocharbeiten, was eigentlich nie langweilig wird.
Mount and Blade is a lot of fun. At an expected price of just under forty dollars, it offers more replayability and entertainment than many full-price titles. Despite a few small problems, anyone looking for a change of pace in CRPGs and their combat systems should really pick up a copy.
Cyber Stratege (Sep 24, 2008)
Voilà un jeu qui méritait bien un coup de cœur ! Comme au bon vieux temps des créations indépendantes, Tale Worlds nous propose une aventure haletante, ambitieuse, bien ficelée et animée d’un souci du détail qui fait plaisir à voir. Un produit passionnant qui réussi le tour de force de proposer l’un des tous meilleurs modules de combat à ce jour. N’attendez plus : chargez !
gameZine (UK) (Oct 02, 2008)
All in all, Mount and Blade is an absorbing and surprisingly addictive game that is almost hampered by its own ambition. You are left with the feeling that the developers wanted to cram so much into it that, with their limited budget, they were just not able to flesh it all out in the ways it deserved.
Meristation (Mar 09, 2009)
Mount & Blade sigue siendo un juego inacabado, puede que porque nadie sabe realmente como tiene que ser para considerarse así. Ha mejorado muchísimo desde la última vez que lo vimos, y todo apunta a que lo seguirá haciendo, esperemos que durante mucho tiempo. Sigue siendo un concepto de sobresaliente en el cuerpo de un juego notable, pero si en dos años lo hemos visto mejorar así y sin medios económicos, miedo tengo de lo que podamos ver en el presente año gracias a los ingresos por sus ventas. En su página podéis encontrar una versión shareware, obligatoria para todos los que se hagan llamar 'jugones'.
Avid Gamer (Sep 24, 2008)
Mount & Blade isn’t a graphical powerhouse, but the engine still does its best and recreating a living world. The game allows you to quick jump to shops and other city areas which saves time on pointless walking around. You have to invest some serious time in Mount & Blade to reap its rewards, but it’s worth every minute. Combine what’s already there with a very active community and even more involved developers and you’ve got a product that should make it big. Give it a chance.
DarkZero (Nov 13, 2008)
For those of you still waiting for me to make some hilarious derogatory comment about the graphics, forget M&B. It’s not for you. Everyone else, if you’re not already convinced, get yourselves over to the TaleWorlds website and download the M&B trial. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but it makes a whole bunch of interesting and bold design decisions, and I guarantee you’ve not played anything quite like it. For those reasons alone, it gets a glowing recommendation.
Wenn ich mich in genau diesem Moment für ein einziges Computerspiel für die viel beschworene einsame Insel entscheiden müsste, dann wäre das Mount & Blade. Und sei es nur, um den ganzen lieben langen Tag Wurfäxte in den Rücken fliehender Feinde zu werfen. Ach ja, stimmt, man muss dabei wirklich zielen, und das macht es ja so spannend. Denn wenn ihr es einmal geschafft habt, in vollem Galopp dem Gegner die Axt zwischen die Schultern zu treiben, dann wisst ihr, wovon ich spreche. Als Hobbyprojekt hat es begonnen, mit kostenpflichtigen Betakeys seinen Lauf genommen, und jetzt in hübscher Verpackung seinen Weg zu eurem PC gefunden. Ich sage den Entwicklern danke für diese grossartige Spiel, das so erfrischend anders ist.
Mount & Blade may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who enjoy a good RPG that is nearly a medieval simulation for a great price, it’s worth conquering. It earns a very respectable 4 GiN Gems for its treasury.
Imperium Gier (Jan 29, 2009)
Bardzo rozbudowana i przemyślana symulacja życia w średniowiecznych realiach. Doskonała walka i niesamowicie wciągająca rozgrywka na długie tygodnie całkowicie odwraca uwagę od niezbyt pięknej oprawy. Dzięki modom tytuł będzie praktycznie nieśmiertelny.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct, 2008)
Zie je je al op je paard zitten terwijl je "This Day we fight!" roept naar je honderden krijgers voor je? Kortom, dit moet je eens geprobeerd hebben.
Absolute Games ( (Sep 16, 2008)
Людей, способных день за днем бродить по выученным наизусть тропам, не напугать бесцельной «песочницей». Для остальных Mount & Blade станет яркой вспышкой — осветит, согреет и быстро погаснет.
75 (Sep 10, 2008)
Ne vous fiez pas à ses graphismes, Mount & Blade cache bien son jeu. Avec une configuration minimaliste et 30 euros, vous allez pouvoir vous offrir le frisson d’une vie d’aventure au Moyen-âge. On en viendrait presque à regretter de ne pas être né à cette époque.
75 PC Gaming (Sep 29, 2008)
For the rest of you, it’s a serious balancing act. The promise of modders stepping in and working their magic on this game has already partially been realized: even before the game was finished they were making amazing things. That may help justify paying full price for a game that got pulled out of the oven about a year too early.
Game Vortex (Sep, 2008)
Mount & Blade, despite its terrible presentation, is an innovative title that is marred by an occasional lack of focus. I recommend anyone interested in the game to try out the shareware version offered at the developer's website ( before settling on a purchase. Despite its shortcomings, Mount & Blade is a solid start for a unique brand of role-playing, and it offers a special kind of gameplay that I would like to see more of in the future.
IGROMANIA (Oct, 2008)
Турецкая игровая индустрия неожиданно резво набирает обороты: сначала была отличная Culpa Innata, теперь вот Mount & Blade. Не все, конечно, идеально. Есть вопросы к AI, анимации, управлению. В лучшие свои минуты Mount & Blade выглядит просто непотребно, а все остальное время — кошмарно. Но у игры есть очевидное преимущество: проект постоянно развивается и совершенствуется. Разработчики активно работают с фанатским комьюнити (которое до определенного момента скидывалось на разработку) и постоянно развивают свой проект. По большому счету, если все, что есть в игре, исполнить на качественно новом уровне, Mount & Blade гарантировано место в высшей лиге.
RPGamer (2008)
This game is perfect for anyone who enjoys sandbox games and strategy games in general. The combat could be a turn off for people with poor twitch reflexes, or those lacking the ability to aim with a mouse. A downloadable demo provides a generous amount of testing time, exposing more than enough gameplay to whet one's appetite and reveal whether or not the large-scale horse battles are a person's cup of tea. Anyone on the fence should give the demo a chance, but be warned that it crafts an engaging world that pulls the player in and does not let go.
Cheat Code Central (Sep, 2008)
Mount & Blade's strong RPG elements, in-depth army management aspects, and amazingly addictive combat system balance out its mediocre quests and half-baked sandbox gameplay. The lack of a story is unforgiveable, but it's hard to not concede the game is still worth playing after all - even if only to repeatedly brightly stain your swords with the blood of your fallen enemies.
RPGFan (Sep 17, 2008)
My final verdict is that I obviously did not enjoy Mount & Blade. It was too sandboxy for my tastes (I prefer more story driven RPGs), I wasn't into the combat, and I just generally found the game boring and sometimes needlessly frustrating. I can appreciate developers wanting to add more realistic touches to games, but to me realism does not always equate to fun. However, for some gamers Mount & Blade offers everything they could want and the buzz in underground gaming communities has been very positive. There is a demo available for download on the official website so you can try the game for yourself and see if it is up your alley or not. If it is your cup of tea, great. If not, there is certainly an independently developed RPG out there that will suit your taste. So long as gamers lend their support to independent developers, the creative spirit of gaming can live on.
Boomtown (Sep 12, 2008)
I really do feel Mount & Blade is a fantastic game. It's hampered by a few problems, but nothing major. It provides ground breaking gameplay that I am sure will be imitated by others. I believe that it lacks the characteristics to challenge similar games in its field but it has all the potential to become one of the greatest RPGs in future releases. Its poor graphics may turn some away but I do not want to criticise TaleWorlds for that due to their budget. Retailing at only $30 you can hardly go wrong. So what are you waiting for? Saddle up and give it a try.
68 (Sep 24, 2008)
Mount & Blade is a bit of a bare bones medieval combat simulation that shines in the gameplay department. Basic graphics and lack of depth hold the title back, but there is no denying that the gameplay is where the meat and bones are at and I can see a sequel to this game coming in the future that will add to the plusses this game has going for it while reducing upon the minuses that it has. I give it a solid recommendation to anyone who likes this sort of game.
62 (Sep 19, 2008)
Mount & Blade ist ein wirklich interessantes Projekt von einem ambitionierten türkischen Entwicklerehepaar mit vielen guten Ideen und Möglichkeiten. Leider merkt man ihm das geringe bis gar nicht vorhandene Budget stark an, was vor allem durch die veraltete Grafik und den Soundtrack in Endlosschleife zum Ausdruck kommt. Das Kampfsystem ist das wirklich Interessante an diesem Spiel - vor allem der ausgefeilte Kampf zu Pferde gefällt mir als Mittelalterfan doch sehr gut. Von kleinen Scharmützeln, über große Schlachten bis hin zu Städtebelagerungen wird hier wirklich alles geboten. Allerdings hapert es auch etwas an der Abwechslung, denn Zufallsbegegnungen passieren leider nicht so oft, wie man es gerne hätte, um das Spiel interessant zu halten, und auch die vorhandenen Quests büßen durch ihre Eintönigkeit schnell ihren Reiz ein. Mit etwas mehr Budget hätte man aus diesem Spiel durchaus einiges machen können, so ist und bleibt es leider nur eine Billigvariante von Tolkiens Rohan.
Killer Betties (Nov 04, 2008)
The interface is rather simple and the look of the game overall is very nice. It does give a good period feel of the middle ages but be warned that this is a game of combat and conquest and most of the time is spent fighting tactical battles. The music is nice in the game and overall it’s a fun battle game with some strategy and campaign planning added.
GameSpot (Sep 22, 2008)
Those are a lot of negatives, although Mount & Blade really feels more underdeveloped than it does flat-out bad. There are some really promising innovations and design ideas here. It would be intriguing to see what TaleWorlds could do with an Oblivion-sized budget. As it is, though, this RPG provides a lot of sizzle and little steak. It is still worth keeping an eye on, as the developers and an ever-growing mod community are continually enhancing the game. Just don't expect too much right now if you're coming to this indie from more professional games with higher production values.
PC Games (Germany) (Sep 24, 2008)
Schade drum! Taleworlds ist sicher kein schlechtes Studio. Die Türken fahren ein feines Kampfsystem mit vielen Zweikämpfen gleichzeitig auf und vermischen auch noch zwei Genres. Nur an der Präsentation hapert es. Die Grafik ist einfach zu trist. An jeder Ecke hatte ich das Gefühl, dass mehr Geld hier tatsächlich mehr bewirkt hätte. Deswegen harre ich der Dinge, die da noch kommen mögen. Man gebe diesem Studio Zeit, zu wachsen. Derweil wird Mount & Blade mit Modifikationen hochgeschraubt. Die Community liefert jetzt schon grandiosen Zusatzstoff in zahlreichen Sprachen und Formen.
We beschouwen Mount & Blade eerder als onafgewerkt dan slecht. Er zitten goede ideeën in het spel, en we vragen ons af waar dit spel zou eindigen als er meer budget was. Als je interesse hebt is het interessant om deze in het oog te houden, want zowel de makers als de community zijn erg hard aan het werk om van deze Indy een echt, commercieel spel te maken.
Digital Chumps (Sep 25, 2008)
Mount & Blade is a fairly interesting project, but I think it needs several more months in development. Heck, the latest version for purchase on Tales World's site is .96, so they haven't technically even hit 1.0 yet apparently. Try the demo – it's the full game with just a level limit, but it will give you a whole lot to go on before making that important purchasing decision.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 27, 2008)
Als Praktikant werde ich selbstverständlich an meinen Arbeitsplatz gefesselt, mit schweren Eisenketten im besten Mittelalterstil. Gute Voraussetzungen für ein Ritter-Rollenspiel mit Massenschlachten und Welteroberungsoption - doch die grottige Präsentation, die lange Einarbeitungszeit und das Fehlen einer motivierenden Geschichte lassen den Reiz des unverbrauchten und abwechslungsreich genutzten Szenarios sehr schnell verpuffen.
50 (UK) (Sep 30, 2008)
There are foundations here for something really quite special, but in its current state the game is nowhere close to delivering on its promises. With an enthusiastic community of mod builders and some shrewd patches from the developer, Mount & Blade could evolve into a game more deserving of your time. Right now, it's only suitable for those willing to make the best of a flawed experience.