Mount&Blade (Windows)

Mount&Blade Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Watching the horizon in a tutorial level.
Choose a faction
The basic skillset with points to distribute.
Determine the appearance of your hero.
The world map
Keep in touch with the relations of the different kingdoms.
Travelling through a town.
I only have a mercenary swordsman in my party and I need to keep paying his wages.
Shopping at a merchant's.
Try to raid an entire village and the farmers will protest.
A large siege of a castle in progress
Fighting farmers in a large-scale battle in the open.
A strange scene inside Lord Gastya's castle.
The world map completely zoomed out and still not even a fifth of the whole world visible.
Fighting in the arena.
The last battle was big and glorious. I both freed and made many prisoners.
The King asks for my vote but hasn't considered me for the job...
Well I think I'll better go back adventuring...
Launching an assault on a castle.
Everyone, CHARGE!!!
Sometimes a ladder just isn't enough.
Changing my equipment right there on the battlefield.
The command interface allows for an quick and easy overview of the battle as well as the possibility to give orders.
Pursuing and soon afterwards destroying an enemy army.
Sneaking into an enemy city in disguise. You got caught!
Lords can join huge military campaigns.
A mission for the king.
Conquering the city of Narra from the Khergit Khanate.
Diplomacy! It's even more complicated than it looks.
The bloody aftermath of a huge fight.
Crossbow men taking position on the roofs.
Defending my castle.
Hiring new party members.
If you bet on yourself successfully, tournaments are a quick way to make money.
An espionage mission in an enemy castle.
To conquer a castle you have to enter using narrow ladders or siege towers, which gives the defenders a big advantage.
The little arrows are tracks you can use to follow enemies.
In a mission not unlike the movie "The Seven Samurai", I saved this village from evil bandits.
My army of knights, storming into battle.
Visiting a village by night.
Thick fog makes this battle rather difficult.
Bonfire in the village Tygrovishta.
I stop the life of an adventurer.