Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso Credits (Windows)

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Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso Credits


StorySteve Ince
DesignSteve Ince
ArtSteve Ince
ImplementationSteve Ince
Original SoundtrackJosh Winiberg
Engine and ToolsMark H. Overmars (Game Maker)
Sound EffectsSoundrangers
Special Thanks toLaura MacDonald, Tony Warriner, Martin Ganteföhr
Huge gratitude to the following for excellent testing and feedbackChristiaan Moleman, Jan Nedoma, Shea Graham, Bertold Schauer, Isak Rudberg, Mats Biström, Niki Hannah, Peter Brooks, Jake Rodkin, Jess Bates, Monica Graham
Helpful advice gratefully received fromThe talented members of the Game Maker community forums particularly, Time of Death, who posted the code on which I based the dialogue system and, Georgina Bensley, who helped me refine it. And the members of numerous other forums many of whom also offered excellent feedback and comments.
Finally the biggest thanks of all go out toJune, Jason, David, Shaun, Without their love and support this game would never have been possible.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17562)