Murder, She Wrote Credits


MelanieAileen Cosas
Seth Hazlitt, Sheriff Ashmont, Mick, Avery, Vern, JamesAndrew Chaikin
Maria, CarolDana Bauer
Jim, Billy, Thomas, Morris, William, Inspector CrimminsGavin Hammon
Emily, JaneMarilyn Hughes
Jessica Fletcher, EmmaPhoebe Moyer
Sheriff Mort Metzger, Andy, Board ChairmanRoger Labon Jackson
Sally, Joann, TinaSarah Tancer
Greg, Deputy, Jack, Chris, Bartender, Nigel, GilesTony Azzolino

Developed By: Legacy Interactive

PresidentAriella Lehrer, Ph.D.
CEOAriella Lehrer, Ph.D.
Executive ProducerCraig Brannon, Ph.D.
ProducerDonald E. Marshall

Mystery Studio

ProgrammingDiego Soler, Gabriel Gambetta, Tomás Lázaro, Pablo Bounous
ScriptingDiego Soler, Gabriel Gambetta, Tomás Lázaro, Pablo Bounous
Additional ScriptingLeticia Merla
Art DirectorBronwyn Burns
ArtistsCarl Beu, Fabian Gurrola, James Ramos, Nathan Brian Quan
Environment ArtVirtual Prophecy Entertainment
Character Art & Cut ScenesLady Luck Digital Media
Game DesignCraig Brannon, Ph.D., Donald E. Marshall
Additional DesignChristina Taylor Oliver
StoryAnne De Borgo
DialogueAnne De Borgo
Murder, She Wrote Theme MusicJohn Mervyn Addison
Music & Sound EffectsSomaTone Interactive Audio
Sound DesignCraig Brannon
Casting & Voice ProductionSomaTone Interactive Audio
Associate ProducerGenaro Avila
Quality Assurance ManagerMarc Maraya
Quality AssuranceGenaro Avila, Paul Dion, Farhan Mohammed, Kris Kauthen
Sales & MarketingNick Marchesini, Sophia Davidson
AccountingChihhang Wang
Special ThanksRyan Modjeski, Jonathan Cooperson, Natascha Thomas, Sherryl DeMesa, Charlie Duldulao

NBC Universal

Vice President, Digital Platforms GroupBill Kispert
Sr. Manager, Interactive GamesGary Lokum
Sr. Director Business & Legal AffairsKam Naderi
SVP DVD, Music & Consumer ProductsKim Niemi
Manager Product DevelopmentNeysa Siefert
EVP Current ProgrammingCharlie Engel
Murder, She Wrote is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80168)