Musaic Box Credits


original ideaAlexander Porechnov
game designAlexander Porechnov
programmingAlexander Porechnov
musicAlexander Porechnov, Vadim Chaliy
artAlexander Porechnov
project managementAlexander Porechnov
music boxes artAlexander Yuzvovich
interface artAlexander Yuzvovich
soundVadim Chaliy
rooms artAlexander Oleynik
Menu programmingAlexander Dryomov
MarketingMichael Kuzmin
Quality assuranceKonstantin Sosnin
CEO "KranX Productions"Andrey Kuzmin
Special thanks toVadim Lobanov, Marina Guseva, Ilya Shvetsov, Vasiliy Zaitsev, Vlad Spitskiy, Vladimir Pinko, Diana Derevyanchenko, MerryPen.Games, FMOD Sound System and Firelight Technologies

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)