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Mutant Mudds is a neo-retro trip with its heart in the right place. The lack of health pickups and checkpoints makes some of the longer missions a chore, but otherwise it’s pretty well built. If you enjoyed Duke Nukem before the shotguns and strippers, then there’s likely a place in your heart that Mutant Mudds can fill.
So in summary: Mutant Mudds' mechanics are simple so that anyone can give it a go, the jumping between level depths gave the game a splash of something a little different, its 8-bit music and graphics are pleasing to listen to and look at, and it keeps you pretty well entertained. The only thing I could ask for is something to make Mutant Mudds a bit more compelling to play, but I'm not going to condemn the game for the lack of it.
RGCD / Retro Gaming CD (Jul 11, 2013)
Mutant Mudds doesn't feel like a game that fits comfortably on the PC. I only have to assume that based on the glowing reviews of its 3DS incarnation that the handheld medium is where it finds its feet. This, combined with a few bumps in the road like the inability to turn around when crouched (or even exit the game from full screen mode without resorting to ALT+F4) makes for a slightly flawed game with great intentions, great style and good execution. There's a lot of cool stuff in there, laid over a skeleton that's slightly skewed (at least on the PC platform).
Mutant Mudds is a well-executed title that falls short in some crucial areas. Given the relatively low price, Mutant Mudds is worth owning if you’re seeking a tough platformer with some twists to it. Unfortunately, some may find its high difficulty more frustrating than fun. The old-school graphics work well, with the bold outlines making the far-off gameplay easier to make out, but the music and depth issues often suck enjoyment out of an otherwise breezy experience.
Retro Spirit Games (Oct 31, 2012)
Anyway back to Mutant Mudds and all that is left to say is that I found it exceptionally bland, with a retro look that is unappealing and devoid of charm (the hero looks like a Dexter's Laboratory character, as drawn by a 5 year old). Playing the game feels like going through the motions, you find yourself slogging your way through it in the manner of someone completing tedious household chores on a rainy afternoon. Well that's how it felt to me anyway. It simply does not cut it, so do not waste any of your time playing tat like this when there are hundreds and hundreds of amazing 2D platformers out there to choose from.. go ahead, pick one, there's a 90% chance it will be vastly more enjoyable than this insipid effort.