My Little Flufties Credits (Windows)

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My Little Flufties Credits

Developed by DK Games

Game conception and programmationChristophe Kohler
Original idea and fine-tuningGuillaume Descamps
Environment and charactersElisio Da Costa
Progamming helpEric Meldonian
2D/3D CGTokkun Studio
Art directionBenoît Ferrière
3D graphicsJulien Noël
MusicOlivier Derivière
SoundsSylvain Prunier
Game Incubator PC game engineJeremy Chatelaine
LogoSophie Eneff
English translationJason Whittaker
Italian TranslationAnnalisa Bruni
German Translation Ilka Jänicke
Spanish TranslationEmilie Le Coarer, Tatiana Soler
Thanks to our young testersCarole, Tyfenn, Maxime, Morgan, Simon

Published by Gost Publishing

CEOStephane Gonod
Product Manager FranceShirley Curtat-Cadet

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Credits for this game were contributed by Christophe Kohler (189)