The Mystery of the Druids Credits


Production and Project LeadTobias Schachte
Story and ScreenplayMartin Ganteföhr, Tobias Schachte
Scenery Art and AnimationAndreas Moll, Sven Moll
Additional Scenery ArtMorten Edvars
DialoguesMartin Ganteföhr
Low-Res Character Design & AnimationSascha Selent
Video Character Design & AnimationAndreas Moll, Sven Moll
Music and Sound DesignJosef Ferger
MusiciansMokhtar Gueye (Percussion, Ghost Voices),  Kristoff, James Michael Woodford (Drums)
Vocals on "The Kiss"Rosko Gee, Tammy Sperlich
Low‑Res Character DesignRobert Lechl
Low‑Res Character IllustrationHannes Rainer
Low‑Res Character AnimationThomas Schröter
Low-Res Character Lip SyncronisationStephanie Stöcker
Miniatures and Old DocumentsLothar Rahenkamp
ProgrammingTobias Schachte
Manual and Case FileMartin Ganteföhr
Game TestingBenjamin Bräuer, Jens Falk, Diane Hoffarth, Markus Hoffmann, Kamil Holys, Petra Jacobi, Steffen Rath, Michael Rump
Product Management (CDV Software Entertainment AG)Martin Löhlein
Booklet Layout (CDV Software Entertainment AG)Oliver Krainhöfner
Official Website (CDV Software Entertainment AG)Harald Grünberger, Patrick Jahnke, Oliver Krainhöfner
Game Testing (CDV Software Entertainment AG)Martin Detzel, Thomas Kröll, Michael Löhle, Thomas Steg, Sven Weigel, Martin Winkler
CastJörg Becker (Lord Sinclair, Beggar, Pierre the Fischerman, Ethelred's Soldier), Hermann Burck (Steve Lowry, Blacksmith, Sinclair's Bodyguard), Sabine Jäger (Dr. Melanie Turner), Christian Rode (Arthur Blake, Druid Maglor), Stephan Schwartz (Detective Brent Halligan), Wolfgang Schwickerath (Druid Serstan, Capitan de Neuve), Olaf Schäffer (Officer, Sinclair's Gardener), Johanna Sperlich (Miss Owen, Halligan's Mother), Andreas Stühn (Chris Hecker, Sinclair's Bodyguard, Ethelred's Soldier), Christa Weigand (Janet Browning), James Michael Woodford (Al's Pizza Palace, Screams)
Sound EngineerJosef Ferger
Sound AssistantJoachim Hoffarth
Cast (English Version)Roger A. Graves (Detective Brent Halligan), Emily Clarke (Dr. Melanie Turner), West Westbrook (Arthur Blake), Ray Strachan (Chris Hecker; Sinclair's Bodyguard; Ethelred's Soldier), Frank Ryan Graves (Steve Lowry; Pierre the Fisherman; Sinclair's Bodyguard), Lesly Young (Janet Browning), Clifford Weis (Druid Serstan; Lord Sinclair), William Andrews (Druid Maglor; Cap. de Neuve), Hugh Francis Spight (Beggar; Ethelred's Soldier; Blacksmith), Mark Lindon (Officer; Sinclair's Gardener), John Delbridge (Chief Miller), Uta Delbridge (Miss Owen; Halligan's Mother), Dan Viney (Al's Pizza Palace; Screams; Butler)
English VersionEffective Media GmbH
Recording Studio (English Version)Toneworx GmbH; Hamburg
Voice Director (English Version)John Delbridge
Dialogue Supervisor (English Version)Martin Ganteföhr
Medical Report AssistanceThe Dox Medical Consulting TV/Film
The team wishes to thankAll who supported us during the production - with patience and understanding suggestions and criticism; but also with warm meals and walks at moonlight. You know who you are - it's good that you are there!
Recording StudioSupernova Studio; Hachenburg
Some gobelins fromREPLICA Technology
Some vehicles, statues and interiors fromDE ESPONA Infográfica
Uses Bink Video byRAD Game Tools Inc.
Soundtrack and SFX presented in Dolby Surround trademarks ofDolby Laboratories
Published byCDV Software Entertainment AG
Produced byHouse of Tales

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