The Mystery of the Druids Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen pops up each time you start the game. Before clicking on Start, you must have a CD in your CD-Rom drive.
Select "Settings" from the Start screen to get this. Under "Visual Quality", choose from Highest Quality, Highest Performance or Use Hardware (for 3D acc. cards). Under "Music Quality", Highest Quality (Dolby SurroundSound) or Mono can be chosen.
Pressing ESC accesses the Main Menu, shown here.
The in-game Settings screen, accessed from the Main Menu.
Conversation answers appear at the top of the screen.
Questions for selection appear at the bottom, as shown here. This screen also shows how blocky some of the characters are drawn.
Brent Halligan, the main character, standing in the middle the Scotland Yard building.
Navigational Map, which appears whenever you exit an area. More locations will become available after you have been told about them.
Scene from the opening movie
The backgrounds are very realistic, like this one of the Scotland Yard building
Your first crime scene - a gruesome sight indeed!
Another lovely building. This shot shows the way the directional cursor looks.
If you pause, Halligan scratches his head. The inventory window is accessed by moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen.
Your cursor changes to a magnifying glass to look closer, like to examine the bookshelves here.
When you're able to talk to someone, the cursor changes to a "bubble". By the way, the water moves and you can hear sounds of seagulls in this seaport.
The ruins of an ancient druidic castle. Right-click on any object to hear comments.
Brent Halligan up close and personal
Looks like Brent could be in serious trouble
During several sections, you play as Melanie instead of Brent.
Finding the key to this mysterious blue door can keep adventurers pretty busy
Part of a puzzle that may perplex you.
Halligan wanders around a stone monestary.
An abacus-like calendar and the 2nd part of the puzzle.
Double-click to run and Halligan's coat flies behind him.
This lovely forest hides a secret.
A druid with evil intent.
The Ritual has begun. Can Melanie and Brent stop it?
Another druid, this time with a loathsome sickle.
This is a great shot of the shadowing effects on some of the closeups.
Can Brent save Melanie? Will they live happily ever after?