The Mystery of the Mummy Credits

The Adventure Company

PresidentRichard Wah Kan
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Product ManagerRenata Richardson
Graphics Department ManagerJames Meecham
Graphic Design and LayoutTrang To
PR/Marketing CoordinatorTara Reed
Quality Assurance TestingMike Adams (Department Manager), Mike Mitres (Lead Tester), Dan Dawang, Chris Elliott, Aldo Fazzari, Yohany Lee, Nick Mucci


Senior Vice President ProductionVincent Berlioz
Localization ManagerAlexandre Lepoureau
Localization Project ManagerFanny Jacob
International Product ManagerThomas Otton

Frogwares Ukraine

Project ManagerWaël Amr
Game DesignAurélie Ludot
ProducersWaël Amr, Pascal Ensenat
Production AssistantSergey Geraschenko
Designers ‑ AnimatorsValeriy Guba (VV), Bogdan Gursky (Bodeman), Ruslan Gabdrahmanov (Rullez), Vitaliy Smyk (Sid), Victor Blagomir (Vandal), Alexandre Andreev (Alex), Natalia Suvilova (Princess)
DevelopersAnton Schekhovtsov (Shek), Alexandre Grona (Now it's OK), Andrey Umrik (Never)
Music & SoundsAlexandre Dudko, Radio Continent
Special Thanks toJohn Bell, Enrique Estopina-Gil, Helene Estopina-Gil, Elisabeth Estopina-Gil, Jalil AMR, Delphine Tardiff, Dune AMR, Ocean AMR, Beatrice Ludot, Michel Ludot, Mamouche, Kiki, Valery Alexievitch, Michelle Coleman, Axelle, Toya, Tifosi
Very Special Thanks toArthur Conan Doyle

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69564)