Myth: The Fallen Lords Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Network play
Those soulless are in trouble...
Ewww, it‘s raining thrall bits!
Main menu
Map of the realm.
Mission briefing (with voice-over).
Zoomed-in view (a close up on dummies used in the tutorial).
In the first mission you'll need to defend a village.
Projectiles (here: arrows) are blocked by trees. This was one of the first real-time strategy games to take physics into consideration.
Don't let the wights close or they will expl....!
Ruins of Covenant.
After-battle report with kill count.
Ambushed by a band of Myrmidons! My troops didn't last long...
Huge sculptures guarding the mountain pass.
No "next objective" markers here. Hint: follow the tracks. Note how you can minimize the interface.
An uneven battle with a hulking Trow.
The maps aren't flat - as shown by this canyon.
This game lets you see a few dozen of your enemies exploding in one second. Plant your mines carefully for a chain reaction.
Often you need to race to a critical choke-point, as only in these places you stand a chance of stopping the endless waves of enemies.
A tomb in the desert. In rare cases you'll find magical objects to aid you.
An epic encounter with a Shade, with obligatory dialogue.