Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor Credits


Lead DesignerRobert Riedl
Executive ProducerRobert Riedl
Creative DirectorMax Holechek
Chief Technology OfficerSheri Hargus
Script WriterAnne Collins-Ludwick
ProducerAnne Collins-Ludwick
Art DirectorSheila Caillier
3D ArtistsTim Burke, Bryan Thomas, John Hayashi, Kyle C. Jones
2D ArtistsKris Ulmer, Ayu Othman, Donovan Larsen, James Silvers
Lead DeveloperWayne Sikes
Production LeadAlena Saunders
Production CoordinatorAnne Grant
Test EngineerBill Wiatroski
Production AssistantMari Tokuda
President & CEOMegan Gaiser
Chief Financial OfficerRob Klee
Vice President MarketingCarolyn Goodwin
Marketing ManagerAmy Janas
Vice President SalesSusan Sloan
Channel Sales ManagerKen Rankin
Operations ManagerCharity Kuahiwinui
Administrative CoordinatorMaureen Carroll
Information Services ManagerBrandon Loo
Character Design and AnimationTooned In Inc. - Seattle - WA -
OwnersCindy Ball, James Mahoney, Tim Hunkapiller
ProducersCindy Ball, Cynthia Solomon
Character DesignAnton Bogaty
3D Character and Prop ModelingAnton Bogaty, Jonathan Stroh, Luke Allen
Character Animation and LipsyncAnton Bogaty, Jeremiah Habets, Jonathan Stroh, Colin Byrne
Music DirectorKevin Manthei,
Music byKevin Manthei, Kevin Riepl, Mike Patti,
SoundClatter and Din, Bill Corkery Productions
Public RelationsFoghorn PR
The CastLani Minella (as Nancy Drew and Loulou the Parrot), Amy Broomhall (as Mrs. Drake), Conni Ellern (as Jane Penvellyn), Jenn Ruzumna (as Linda Penvellyn), Sarah Papineau (as Ethel Bosinny), Stephen Hando (as Nigel Mookerjee), Dora Lanier (as Mrs. Petrov), Scott Carty (as Ned Nickerson), Jonah von Spreekin (as Hugh Penvellyn & Tommy Tucker & Alan Penvellyn), Alyssa Keene (as Paliki Vadas), Max Holechek (as 1930s Radio Announcer)
Special ThanksSimon & Schuster, Leslie Evers, Franklin Pitcher Johnson Jr., Jan Claesson, Bob Wallace, Penny Milliken, Russell Skipsted, Annette Bovey, Ashely Bucklin, Ryan Casey, Emily Revert Gamache, Elizabeth Harrison, Art Huber, Alex Johnston, Calina Joyce, Elizabeth Joyce, Lynden Kuwada, Lisa Hir (aka LisaHir01), Lisa Leibfried, Lauren Stefanie Leibowitz, Robert Love, Paige Mackintosh, Haley Monson, Keegan Monson, Kelsey M. Monson, Audrey Nightlinger, Michael Paganini, Cadison Pierson, Peyton Pierson, Paloma Pineda, Andrea Rodgers, Kevin Rodgers, Katie Shelton, Merissa Sweetland, Marc Templin, Melody Thrall, Kayla Topp, Audrey Ugrin, Michael Ugrin, Carla J. Walp, Laura A. Walp, Caitlyn Williams, Olivia Witter, Andrew Young

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (94371) and Xoleras (67028)