Nancy Drew: Danger by Design (Windows)

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
When starting a new game, you will have the opportunity to dig around Nancy's own room and her desk.
Checking out Nancy's scrapbook of cases she has previously solved.
Here's a page on Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.
Check out Nancy's "How-to" book on being a detective.
Table of contents to the how-to book
Checking out what's new in this game.
Starting the game: Choose between difficulty level.
Intro: Nancy travels to France
Minette's signature "M" atop the windmill that is her fashion design studio in Paris.
When first stepping into the studio, Nancy hears a dreadful scream.
And a frantic girl runs out.
Nancy receives a metro pass, allowing her to travel for free around the city.
Meet Heather McKay who works for Minette and seems to understand her eccentric behaviours.
This is Minette...the eccentric fashion designer who insists wearing a mask at all time. Wonder why that is?
Minette's studio
This is Jean-Michel Traquenard, a fashion columnist at Glam Glam
Cafe Kiki where that Traquenard likes to frequent
Dieter von Schwesterkrank is a fashion photographer and Minette's ex-boyfriend
Dieter's office
Jing-Jing Ling, a size-12 model for Minette who loves chocolate-chip cookies.
Jing-Jing's kitchen.
Information on this case.
Your Task List (for Junior Mode)
Nancy's first task is to brew Minette's special tea which is supposed to get her brain cell working properly...
Your work station
Your desktop...Remember Sonny?
The Mix It Up! game on Sonny's computer.
Sonny's notebook...if you've played previous Nancy Drew games, you will know that Sonny's notebooks are full of clues
Metro Map
At Pont Neuf, you will see several vendors trying to sell their finds
At one stand, you will be offered the opportunity to make a few paintings to earn a bit of extra cash
A nasty letter slipped into Minette's office