Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island Credits


Production DirectorJennifer Beers
Creative DirectorMax Holechek
Chief Technology OfficerSheri Hargus
Director of Product StrategyRobert Riedl
Script WriterAnne Collins-Ludwick
ProducerAnne Collins-Ludwick
Art DirectorSheila Caillier
3D ArtistsTim Burke, Bryan Thomas, John Hayashi, Kyle C. Jones
2D ArtistsKris Ulmer, Ayu Othman, Donovan Larsen, James Silvers
Lead DeveloperWayne Sikes
Production CoordinatorsAnne Grant, Alena Saunders
Test EngineerBill Wiatroski
President & CEOMegan Gaiser
Chief Financial OfficerRob Klee
Vice President Marketing & SalesCarolyn Goodwin
Marketing ManagerAmy Janas
Channel Sales ManagerKen Rankin
Information Services ManagerCurtis Wilkes
Operations ManagerCharity Garner
Office ManagerMaureen Carroll
InternMichaela Morris
Character AnimationAha Studios
President, Aha StudiosKaren Johnson
Vice President of Production, Aha StudiosBarbara Ferro
Character Animation Director, Aha StudiosJanet Sairs
Exposure Sheet Animator, Aha StudiosRon Schulz
Pencil Tester, Aha StudiosMelissa Ramos
Soundtrack BreakdownToon Tracks, Charles King
MusicKevin Manthei (
SoundClatter and Din, Bill Corkery Productions
Public RelationsFoghorn PR
TestingTesting Testing 123
The CastLani Minella (as Nancy Drew), Alisa Murray (as Bess Marvin), Jena Cane (as George Faye), Wayne Rawley (as Frank Hardy), Rob Jones (as Joe Hardy), Shelley McIntyre (as Katie Firestone), Amy Augustine (as Jenna Deblin), Jonah von Spreekin (as Andy Jason & Casey Porterfield), Richard Stein (as Holt Scotto), Julie Rawley (as Wood Expert), Shannon Kipp (as Hilda Swenson)
Special ThanksSimon & Schuster, Leslie Evers, Franklin Pitcher Johnson Jr., Jan Claesson, Bob Wallace, Connor Hargus, Kelley Hargus, Cory Hargus, Debbie Overman, Lauren Overman, Holly Rudd, Mark Reames, Cadison Pierson, Peyton Pierson, Kayla Tripp, Lisa Leibfried, Renee Salant, Cassandra Sandkam, Amy Eckstein, Jacqueline Witter, Olivia Witter, The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, WA,

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76593)