Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
The menu looks basically the same as in the previous games
The Save/Load screen has been revamped
Katie Firestone
Nancy bunks here aboard Katie's boat
Downstairs aboard the boat
Reconnect the pipes puzzle
These books must be put away without any space left over
Travel Map
Front of the Hot Kettle Cafe
Jenna Deblin, owner of the Hot Kettle Cafe
Holt Scotto
Front of Whale World
Andy Jason, owner of Whale World
There are several such "paper" puzzles. Type in answers on your keyboard.
Nancy has become quite modern. Here is her cellphone.
Nancy's laptop contains all sorts of resources for researching the puzzles
Inside the Cafe
Back of the Cafe
Several things are put in just for fun, like building a sandcastle
Inside the Museum of Whale World you'll learn all about whales
Better not forget to wear safety equipment ... or you'll be sorry!
An excursion aboard the kayak
Nancy finds some underground caves!
The old lighthouse holds several secrets
Exploring beneath the town's buildings in maze-like tunnels
You'll discover this interesting puzzle late in the game
On a whale watch boat ride
A real close encounter with a friendly whale!