Written by  :  null-geodesic (243)
Written on  :  Nov 02, 2005
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One of the best Nancy Drew Games yet.

The Good

The puzzles were logical and the gameplay was not as linear as the previous Nancy Drew games have been. There were enough puzzles "active" at the same time that you could find something else to do while one puzzle had you stumped.

While the puzzles were challenging, they were all very solvable, although maybe that's because we're getting used to the standard Nancy Drew fare.

It was very interesting meeting the Hardy Boys (even if they were rather useless) and Charleena Purcell, which was a nice nod to "Nancy Drew and the Secret of Shadow Ranch".

We've noticed a pattern to the Nancy Drew games that allows us to figure out who the "culprit" is early on in the game, which has made the games a bit predictable (which we won't mention here since it's a spoiler). Thankfully, this game somewhat breaks the mold.

The grand finale puzzle was a bit more merciful this game, and doesn't require replaying a million times to get right.

The Bad

The story was a bit on the fantastic side, and it was a tad hard to suspend disbelief.

Conversations with other characters weren't as important as they have been in the previous games.

Both small nitpicky items. In general, this was one of the best Drew games yet.

The Bottom Line

The Nancy Drew games have obviously been developed using a single engine that has been enhanced through the years. This game was clearly one of the most highly refined and best honed of all the games so far. The Drew games have been getting better with each passing game, kind of like a fine wine.

Expect more of the same, only better. :)