Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand Credits


Director of Product DevelopmentRobert Riedl
Creative DirectorMax Holechek
3D ArtistsTim Burke, John Hayashi, Kyle C. Jones, Bryan Thomas
2D ArtistsDonovan Larsen, Ayu Othman, Kris Ulmer
Development ManagerSheri Hargus
Lead DeveloperWayne Sikes
DeveloperMarc Templin
Program ManagerJennifer Beers
Script Writer and ProducerErin Brown
President & CEOMegan Gaiser
Vice President Marketing & SalesCarolyn Bickford
Vice President of Business DevelopmentNeil Johnston
Chief Financial OfficerRob Klee
Internet Marketing ManagerAmy Janas
Information Services ManagerCurtis Wilkes
Information Services SupportRyan Maulding
Operations ManagerCharity Garner
Production AssistantAlena Saunders
Quality AssuranceAnne Grant
Character AnimationKaren Johnson (President Karen Johnson Productions Inc)
Vice President of ProductionBarbara Ferro
Character Animation DirectorRick Eshbaugh
Character Animation ProducerJanet Sairs
Exposure Sheet AnimatorRon Schulz
Pencil TesterMelissa Ramos
Soundtrack BreakdownToon Tracks, Charles King
MusicKevin Manthei (Kevin Manthei Productions)
Additional MusicKevin Riepl (Kevin Manthei Productions)
SoundClatter and Din, Bill Corkery (Bill Corkery Productions)
Public RelationsCHEN PR
TestingTesting Testing 1‑2-3
The CastLani Minella (as Nancy Drew), Laurie Jerger (as Joanna Riggs), Jake Perrine (as Taylor Sinclair), David S. Hogan (as Henrik van der Hune), Gary Hoffman (as Alejandro del Rio), Alisa Murray (as Bess Marvin), Maureen Nelson (as George Fayne), Joshua Silwa (as Frank Hardy), Rob Jones (as Joe Hardy), Wayne Rawley (as Franklin Rose and Silvio Jr), Scott Plusquellec (as Gordon Bluefoot and Mack and Dr. Bob Bobson), Simone Choule (as Prudence Rutherford), Julie Rawley (as Poppy Dada), Scott Carty (as Henry Albert Daddle), Amy Broomhall (as Sheila Schultz)
Special ThanksSimon & Schuster, Leslie Evers, Franklin Pitcher Johnson Jr., Jan Claesson, Bob Wallace, Rene Calderon, Catherine Elton, Marie Manrique, Steven M. Allison, Tina Sikes, Art Huber, Debbie Overman, Lauren Overman, Hannah Overman, Andrea Britz, Julia Britz, Audrey Ugrin, Michael Ugrin, Jacqueline Witter, Olivia Witter

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76593)