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Any fan of the previous games in the Nancy Drew series will enjoy Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. It has all of the components that make this series stand out--fun puzzles, memorable characters, and decent educational value.
In the end, I found Trail of the Twister to be a very well done game, barring unrealistic trust in a teenage girl. Unfortunately, despite being a decent point-and-click adventure, it’s not likely that anyone but fans of Nancy Drew will bother to pick it up. But those who do will be treated to a surprisingly pleasant experience.
GameBoomers (Jun, 2010)
In conclusion, this would be an ideal game for anyone not overly concerned with storyline but with a yen for some thoughtful puzzling and good-humoured fun.
70 (Jul 05, 2010)
I have a hard time summarizing Nancy Drew games. It’s kind of a point-and-click adventure, and it’s kind of a whodunit, and it’s kind of a puzzle game. This installment of the series focuses more on puzzles, whereas the last installment, Warnings at Waverly Academy, focused on character development and the most shocking plot twist of all time. Both games are fine by me. I think that’s a good enough summary of this game. It’s fine by me. I’m not going to call it the best Nancy Drew game ever, and I’m not going to call it the worst Nancy Drew game ever. I like it just fine.
Adventure Gamers (Aug 09, 2010)
I thought the idea of working with a storm chasing team was a great premise, but not enough was really done with it to hold my interest throughout the game. Rather than tracking tornados, all too often Nancy gets to file and perform other menial errands instead. It suits the role of an uncercover intern, but Her Interactive missed an opportunity to give players a tenser, more thrilling game. As for solving the mystery, the characters are fairly diverse but only Scott and Pa are very interesting to interact with, and though everyone acts suspiciously now and then, the culprit seems pretty obvious. I completed this game in about 12 hours, and during that time I encountered a number of puzzles that I enjoyed (and blessedly no reflex-based minigames), but that doesn’t totally conceal the fact that they feel like the chores they are. Maybe that was the idea all along, as this summer job is satisfying in the same way as redecorating your house.
Just Adventure (Jul 19, 2010)
I regret to say that with its latest effort, Her Interactive practically erased six years of work. What is also odd is that this is obviously not the first time that excessive chores have plagued one of their games. I’m struggling to figure out why feedback doesn’t seem to be implemented, and how beta testers approved of this game as it is. Ray said it best: Games are supposed to be fun. Trail of the Twister is not.
50 (Mar 18, 2011)
Décidément, les jeux tirés de l'univers de la jeune détective Nancy Drew ne prennent pas de risques, et conservent précieusement une recette qui avait su faire ses preuves. Sauf que les joueurs habitués ne seraient sans doute pas réfractaires à un peu de changement, tant du point de vue de son gameplay que de sa réalisation. En l'état, le titre se laisse tout de même parcourir sans déplaisir.